041717-042317 Oracle card reading

4/17/17 – 4/23/17 ~ This week’s world energy oracle card reading asks us to balance our time and to be open to changing our thoughts.

We are also asked to look at how we spend our time and make sure we are resting, playing and working in a way that is kind and balanced.

We are asked to observe our thoughts and make healthy changes in our thought patterns.

Astrologically, this week the moon moves through Capricorn, to Aquarius, then Pisces this weekend. How I visualize this is that in the beginning of the week our hearts are coming down a mountain slow and steady, then midweek we grow wings and fly around the base of the mountain. This weekend, we rest in the water below.

Combining the oracle messages with the star codes, I predict this week will feel a little tender emotionally and mentally, and these messages give us the momentum to find better balance in our schedule and our mental schedules. For some this could mean major changes and for some it could mean little tweaks.

Our thoughts and emotions are important indications about our health and energy focus. Our gut feelings and psychic senses are just as valuable. Is there something nagging at you that needs a change? This is a good week energetically for you to be supported through making changes. The moon is waning, which is a great time for release.

It is wise practice to set down what isn’t working in order to receive fresh energy of the new. What can you release your grip from in order to usher in newness? Are you open to a new approach, new rhythm, new mindset? What methods work for you to release in a way you feel safe and supported?

Blessings for a beautiful week,