2013 August

Mobile Art! Get your favorite painting printed on an i-Phone case!

My artwork is now available to be printed on i-Phone cases! Check out some of the designs I have been playing with (you can customize!). To design your own, click here! Fine Art America has recently purchased a new domain at Pixels.com. Here they have gone international and are making other types of products available […]

The Story Behind ‘The Artists’ Oil Painting – & A Sneaky Edit!

What my dad has taught me creatively has guided and shaped me much more than any other art teacher. I have haikus that we wrote together in 1983, when I was 3 years old. He taught me how to play guitar and let me try out his trumpet. When I was growing up, in his […]

Gallery Sati @ Alki Art Fair 2013

I had an incredible experience at the Alki Art Fair this year! This was the first year Gallery Sati has been a part of it and the first fair I have done here in Washington. It is a feeling I am cherishing, to show up knowing essentially no one, meeting great people, making great contacts […]

Art and Advocacy – My Little Story about Volunteering for the Child Rescue Foundation

I started volunteering for The Child Rescue Foundation in Denver in 2001. The founder and director, Joanne Kappel, asked me to write a little story about my experiences with CRF for an intern’s project. My story…. Shelley’s Little Story About CRF I met Joanne Kappel, Founder of the Child Rescue Foundation, in 2001. There was a […]