2013 September

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: How to use a Simple Art Technique to Center your Energy in just a couple seconds…

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: When you put pencil to paper and don’t have anything pressing to list or calculate, write or draw, what happens? Do you scribble? Do you draw something from your childhood? Do you make marks, dots, lines? A Personal Anchor Image is a mark, dot, letter, number, symbol or simple drawing that […]

Thinking Too Much and Personal Anchor Imagery Practice

This week I am thinking about… thinking too much! I’m thinking about 9/11 and I’m thinking about Syria. I am thinking about Lady Olivia Robertson’s September 2013 Oracle about the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I’m thinking about the Dalai Lama’s advice to practice Critical Thinking and Action as the most […]

Sunday Healing Art: High Goals by Stefan Kuhn

This week I have been thinking about goals and how to achieve them in a productive, unique way. I feel this painting is right on the money and is an interesting ‘mind scape’ of the process of achieving goals. I see that most of it is in a grey area and there is almost a […]

This Week’s New Listings – Fine Art Giclées and Fully Customizable Prints

This week I listed a few new Fine Art Giclées and a few new Fully Customizable Prints… Rubens’ Angel by Shelley Irish, 8.5″ x 11″, Fine Art Giclée Print on Metallic Paper       Nude Woman in Finger Strokes by Shelley Irish, 8.5″ x 11″, Fine Art Giclée Print on Metallic Paper      Green […]

This Week’s Studio Shot: Product Photography

This week I have been photographing my new products. Greeting cards, Giclées on Metallic Paper, Suncatchers and New Oil Paintings. Here is a little peak at my set-up for the greeting card photographs. Doing product photography is an art form within itself and something that I truly enjoy and learn something from every time. When I was […]

Bubble Mind Map – Creativity Exercise for ‘Finding a Way’ to the Goal

Yesterday I wrote about goal setting and ‘finding a way’ to the goal.  Let’s Tap In! This is all about finding Your way to the goal, tapping into Your process and what works specifically for You. Visual Tools for Wellbeing Exercise: ‘Finding a Way’ to the Goal Using a Bubble Mind Map – A bubble […]

My Thoughts: Diana Nyad, Mental Focus, & Goal Setting

This week I am thinking about goal setting, in relation to every kind of goal, whether related to art or not.  Creative problem solving is used by every part of society, everyday. Accountants, artists, politicians, parents, farmers, laborers, no one is exempt from finding creative solutions to completing tasks in the best ways possible. Specifically […]

Sunday Healing Art: Empathy by Casey Kotas

Today we are under a waning moon in Cancer and Leo. We are releasing energies that don’t serve us as the moon wanes. We are present in our empathy and waves of emotions with the moon in Cancer. We are present in our inner hearth fire and celebrating our uniqueness with the moon in Leo. […]