2013 November

Shameless Self Promo Wednesday! Root Chakra Giclée on Metallic Paper!

Is this a balanced root chakra or a tryptophan nap? You decide! Whatever you are gobbling tomorrow, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Art Tip Tuesday! – Staying Focused with a Little Visualization Exercise –

Whether you are working on art or some other creative problem solving opportunity: Stay Focused. When things get complicated, do one thing at a time. You will get there. Where are you pointing your arrow? Just point one way at a time and give it all you got! Pat yourself on the back and move […]

Sketchbook Sunday! Cleansing the Shield

This is a recent sketch of a shamanic journeying experience. After a round of tests in the forest I sat renewed, cleaning my shield and throwing the debris in a fire in the middle of a circle of trees. Here’s to cleansing!!!

Art Tip Tuesday – Suggestions for Creative Blocks

The bliss and challenge of every artist is to face what is in front of you and have the courage to change it. If you are staring at a blank canvas, searching for inspiration and not finding it, consider the feelings in your heart and thoughts in your mind. Are you avoiding something in your […]

Happy Manic Monday! – Update on the Business of Gallery Sati

In the next couple weeks my husband and I will be closing on a home in Seattle, to house us and both of our home studios! Most of the business of Gallery Sati in the last few weeks has been focused on the lending process and doing repairs that the seller and we split as […]

Sketchbook Sunday – Falling Angels of Peaceful Surrender

These sketches are from a few months ago, throwback sketch! They are for a small series of paintings I am working on regarding the theme of falling angels, peaceful surrender and the feeling of being grounded. The approaching full moon in Taurus helps us ground with deep roots in the earth. I am looking at […]

Student Work Saturday – Still Life with 5 Oranges

Still Life with 5 Oranges J Patrick Irish Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″ 2013 This is a new painting by my dad. He has been working on painting still lives out of his head! He used a beautiful color scheme drawing us around from yellow to orange, to red to purple. He had been […]

Gallery Sati is on the move!

I’m so happy to announce that we will be moving Gallery Sati’s home studio and home office to our new permanent location in less than 30 days! My husband and I are buying our first home (!!!) in Seattle and are in the process of closing. I’m packing up my studio and planning for my […]

Entheon – Sanctuary for Visionary Art

Have you heard of Enthoen, Alex and Allyson Grey’s sanctuary for visionary art? Entheon will house Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Progress of the Soul, art classrooms (and MUCH more). It is their new site for sacred art space. It is currently being constructed in NY and will open sometime between the end of […]