2014 February

New Sketch – Getting my formula down for energy patterns

I’ve been working on how to incorporate energy patterns into realistic painting and feel like I’ve got a good formula going here. When I was growing up I did a lot of graphic drawing where I would use grid paper and solid shaped objects to create checkerboard patterns that changed color when they crossed an […]

Yesterday’s Painting – Sacred Symbol Suns! A Start…

I’m working on some new mini landscapes with sacred feminine symbol and sacred masculine symbol Suns! Here are a few paintings of this concept that I started.

Yesterday’s Painting – Glazes and Layering on Many a Moon

I did some glazing on a bunch of moons. I added color and a little detail to the little landscapes which are starting to take shape. Added stars to the large blue moon 😉

Mini Landscapes with Sacred Symbol Moons Start

Last night’s painting. I’m getting a start on these mini landscapes with sacred feminine and sacred masculine moons.

Energy Pattern City Sketch

A sketch of what building chakras would look like. Another study of energy patterns. I learned a lot from this one.

Today’s Painting – Amethyst Shadow Sacred Feminine Moons First Layer

I am working on more triple goddess moons and working with some new colors. Today I mixed a color I’m calling Amethyst Shadow. It is a combination of phthalo blue, Van Gogh violet and black. I am working on these little round canvases for the first time! These 6 round ones are two sets of […]

From my Sketchbook 2-7-14 – Chakra Patterns

I’m studying ways to illustrate energy patterns of objects. Here is an egg and it’s chakra energy pattern continuing back into space and forward towards us. I am playing with different circular patterns of energy layers around the egg. Weaving circles, creating energy windows. Behind the empty energy windows we see peaks of the sky […]

From my Sketchbook 02-06-14 – Energy Patterns

Thinking about energy patterns. Energy patterns of the earth and water. Energy patterns of humans, creatures and objects, how they connect to the energy patterns of the earth and spiritual realms.

My New Digs – Office and Studio

Here are a bunch of pics of my new Home Office and Painting Studio! Gallery Sati’s Office – Where I do all of my ‘dry work’, computer work, paperwork, printing, packaging for shipping, beadwork. Also houses my current inventory and personal collections of paintings. My Studio – Where I do all of my ‘wet work’. […]