2014 March

The Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair was a Blast!

I had a beautiful experience at the Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair yesterday. Super huge thanks to my husband, Amen and my bestie, Diana for being the best team anyone could ask for! I’m grateful to share my art with the metaphysical community and for the bliss of connections made! And…! All 5 of the new […]

5 New Little Paintings!!!

Moon ‘a Luna! Happy Monday! I varnished and edged these new paintings today! From left to right they are Plaiedes Pod, His Sunset, Wishing on the Moons, Shell Circle Sunrise and Healing Hand in the Sand 😉 Next steps are to scan them to make them available as prints and box them up for the […]

Wishing on the Moons!

Happy Friday! Just got done with this little one!

Another New Little Oil Painting

Yesterday’s Painting… I got done with this little sacred masculine sunset 😉

Northwest Beauties and Full Chakra Rainbow Card Set

I printed some new cards of the three Northwest Beauties paintings I did in 2013. And… I now have the complete Chakra Rainbow Medicines card set!!!! Ta da! The Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair is coming up in 10 days! I will have these cards available for sale in person there and up for sale online […]

3 New Little Oil Paintings

I finished up with three little paintings today. All of them are 2″ x 4″ oil on canvas. Here is a healing hand in the sand in twilight under a triple goddess symbol moon. This one I’m calling Pleiades Pod. An orca pod travels under the seven sisters constellation, a glowing Pleiades. This last one […]

Moon light layering, figure and healing hand on the little landscapes

I worked light layers into these moons last night. I also added a figure and a healing hand in the sand 😉

Sketchbook – Releasing Fear

This is a sketch I am working on about releasing fear. We see a mirror on one side speaking to the intimate relationship we have to our fears. The figure in the middle is cutting away unnecessary energy cords with a chain saw. The fear self behind her falls away while grasping at her because […]

Today’s Painting – Binary Stars and Venus

Today I worked on a binary star and a Venus painting. This is the start of a set of binary stars. The lower blue star will shine as bright blue light on the bottom of the orange star to create a sacred masculine or crowned king symbol. We will see rays of light going back […]

Yesterday’s Painting – Little landscapes coming along

Working on these little landscapes. The paintings are manifesting themselves a little different than I planned, I like it 😉 Going with the flow and following their lead.