2014 August

Green Man veins

I ended the week by doing another layer of veins on the Green Man 😉

Some glazing

Yesterday I did some glazing on some new little paintings. Working on a set of the 4 seasons / 4 directions and a few Halloween / Samhain themed paintings.  

Green Man Painting Maintenance and Protection

Over the weekend I did some maintenance on this painting to protect it in the future. I drew on the canvas with pencil, quite heavily in some places, and needed to seal it off so that the charcoal will not seap through the oil paint years down the road. I always ‘draw’ on paintings with […]

The Start of the Green Man

I’ve been drawing on this green man for a couple years now. Yesterday I laid paint on him for the first time. I met him through the shamanic journeying that I do. He is one of my teachers. Journeying is an invaluable tool for me personally and has grown into a big part of my artistic process […]

West Seattle Art Walk tonight!

Tonight I’ll be showing at BendnMove yoga studio during the West Seattle Art Walk. I recently finished up a new little series called Chakra Healing Landscape specifically for the show. The intension behind this show was to put together a collection of meditative and peaceful work. I’ve never shown in a yoga studio before and it […]

BendnMove show is hung!

I just got back from hanging my art at BendnMove yoga studio for the West Seattle Art Walk! How I love this space, Tamara the owner is so wonderful and I am so honored to be showing there! Here are some pics…


Holy holy, that was a productive day. I finished the Chakra Healing Landscape, here is a pic of it on my desk just after finishing. Once hung I will get a better pic. I was all over the place finishing up a bunch of stuff for the art walk at BendnMove yoga studio next week. […]

Chakra healing landscape, more layers and details

I varnished and edged the 7 big paintings for the BendnMove show today. Also worked in a lot of detail into the little chakra healing landscape 😉

Progress on the chakra healing landscape

Layer by layer this is coming together. We move through earth, water, fire, air, sound, sight and spirit.

Suncatchers and busy-ness

I haven’t posted in a few days, been busy busy. We had a great weekend celebrating my husband’s birthday 😉 Also over the weekend I made a few new yoga-inspired suncatchers for the west seattle art walk at BendnMove coming up next week 😉 Here I’ve got a grounded down dog one, a fiery warrior […]