2014 September

Emerald Spiral Expo tomorrow!

I’m all pack up and ready to go to the Emerald Spiral Expo!

Spider drop

I got done with this little spider today 😉 I worked on the pumpkin a little more and it will need some more layers before it is finished. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to be as lazy as possible and let these new little ones dry. The Emerald Spiral Expo is on […]

A few new paintings

Today I got done with three new little Halloweeny paintings. I also did more layering on these two that are almost done.

Painting progress on four seasons painting cycle and Halloweeny paintings

Blessings on this beautiful Autumnal Equinox! Here are some progress pics from Friday. I worked more layers into the Samhain / Halloweeny paintings. The four seasons painting cycle is really coming along as well. I think I’m on to something here that will continue into other paintings. Each of these four paintings represents one of […]

Little Halloween paintings in progress

Yesterday I worked on some little Samhain / Halloweeny paintings. I am also working on a four seasons painting ‘cycle’. You can display the cycle starting with whatever the current season is and they will fit together all year round. All of these are in different stages of progress and I am hoping to have […]

Beep Wales 2014!

I am so happy to announce that my paintings, ‘The Markswoman’ and ‘The Restricted’ have been accepted into Beep Wales 2014 ‘A Portrait of the Artist As…’! I am beyond grateful to be a part of this, it’s my first international show 🙂 The Markswoman The Restricted