2014 October

Green Man Pattern

Yesterday I designed a pattern for the green man painting. The pattern will be the sun rays coming out of the central sun just above green man’s crown. This painting is all about the wild masculine/sacred masculine and the pattern design reflects this concept as well. The Rays that extend from the sun will come […]

Green Man progress

Yesterday I worked in the silhouette contour on the Green Man painting. I used a completely dry technique, dry brush, dry paint on dry canvas. I’ll be doing many layers of sanding and glazing (and re-contouring), and using the dry technique in this stage will help the silhouette contour hold its own through the future […]

Goddess of Balance over Dark Water

I started this painting a few years ago when I was in the midst of deep pain over loss of loved ones in my family. It was too intense for me to continue much on in that time. Yesterday I woke up with a vivid, clear vision of the painting. I worked on her for […]

A Special Day

Today is a special day for me. It is my and my husband’s four year wedding anniversary! It is also the opening night of the Beep show in Wales 🙂 Here is a painting of us, ‘The Lovers’… Happy Friday to you and yours!

Shots of my booth at the Emerald Spiral

I had a fantastic time at the Emerald Spiral Expo a couple weeks ago! After six months of being completely ‘on’, I took a week off after fair to chill out and reset. Here are some shots of my booth at the Emerald Spiral and the new Samhain collection of paintings I made recently.