2014 November

Drumming up the Sun progress

Yesterday I worked on this little guy for a while. I feel like the practice of drumming up the sun has a lot to do with sound and silence in the part of the year where things can feel unsafe. Unsafe from harsh weather and our species collective memories of people dying in this part […]

Little Yule paintings in progress

Some layering and building up of the forms on these little ones 😉 Concepts are Crowning of the Holly King, Birth of the Sun and Drumming up the Sun.

Evergreen Goddesses and Yule paintings in progress

Today I got done with the little Evergreen Goddesses painting. I did some more layering on the other little Yule paintings, a layer or two more and they will be done. From left to right they are Crowning of the Holly King, Drumming up the Sun and Birth of the Sun.

Some little Yule paintings in progress

This week I designed some compositions in the theme of Yule. Got the initial layers laid in. From left to right the concepts are as follows, Crowning of the Holly King, the Goddesses in the Evergreens, Birth of the Sun, & Drumming up the Sun. Have a happy weekend 😉

Personal Power Painting proposal progress

The last few days I have done a lot of writing and organizing on my Personal Power Painting workshop content and proposal. I have designed the workshop into two versions, a 3 hour version and a 6 hour version. I am mainly working on the 6 hour version now to get the full gamut of […]

Goddess of Balance over Dark Water progress

Yesterday I had a nice long painting day working on the Goddess of Balance over Dark Water. I unified the flesh tones between her and the cherubs and started adding in some cool temperatures into all flesh. I sanded out the moon spheres around her head because I changed the portrait angle. I added in […]