2015 January

Rain Goddess and The Cliffs of Goddess Sound

Today I worked on the little Rain Goddess painting and almost done! I also started painting on a painting I started a couple years ago before two big moves. It presented itself to me after rainbows danced on it for a while. It will be The Cliffs of Goddess Sound 😉

New little paintings in progress

I am working on some new little paintings. From L – R, they will be: The Lotus gives you Wings, Rain Goddess, & Phoenix Rising. The one on the bottom doesn’t have a name yet, stay tuned!

Green Man Shadows

Shadow work on the Green Man today…

Green Man progress

This week I got quite a bit done on the Green Man. I am using a dry brush technique that is more like scrubbing than painting. I am starting with local color underhues as my under painting in the red analogous color scheme for the form values. This will give me a nice color spread […]