2015 February

Moons and 4 Season Painting Cycle progress

This week I worked on the 4 season painting cycle. It’s coming along 😉  I also worked on some full blue moons and a sacred masculine blue moon. It is such a peaceful process for me to paint moons. I find endless satisfaction in it. The round shape is very soothing. I see different […]

Springy Thingys

I have been working on springy thingys this week. A bunch in progress and I finished the first Moon Flower today 😉

A couple new paintings and some more in progress

I got done with these two new paintings. This first on is The Lotus Gives You Wings. This one is a Rain Goddess. These next few are more paintings in progress. This series is a painting cycle that can be rotated based on the current season. This pic is spring through winter. This is a […]