2015 May

Personal Power Painting Shapes and Symbols

This week I have been working on my Personal Power Painting workshop, book and tarot set. PPP utilizes 78 shapes and symbols. This week I finalized the shapes and symbols I am using, as seen in the pic. I have changed this spread a few times now and after this last round I feel they […]

A break from painting, Billy love, working on the Personal Power Painting workshop

I imagine I won’t be painting much in the next few weeks and probably not posting much either. My cat, Billy, is very sick and not expected to last much longer. He is not wanting to be in the studio, so I am shifting gears and will be writing and working on the Personal Power […]

Faery Magic Moon Flower – New in my Etsy Shop

Faery Magic Moon Flower 2″ x 4″ Oil Painting Shelley Irish Display this little beauty in your home or office, on you alter or refrigerator! This elegant and mediative mini oil painting comes complete with a mini black easel and magnet strips adhered to the back for a variety of display options. This mini painting […]