2016 September

New prints and minis

Some new originals and prints for sale at the Emerald Spiral tomorrow! From left to right, ‘Light Showers’, print of ‘Together Under the Moon, ‘ print of ‘Let the Moon Cry’, ‘Siren Song’.

Strawberry Moon

A new strawberry moon… almost done!

Baby, it’s raining.

Ever since moving to Washington, my husband and I have this ongoing joke… He’ll look out the window, throw his head up and say, “Baby, it’s raining.” I reply, “Baby, it’s raining.” He says back, “Baby, it’s raining.” This goes on for hours, days, weeks on end. Then this year, the moon chimed in, “I’m raining too.” […]

‘Let the Moon Cry’ tote bags are in!

‘Let the Moon Cry’ tote bags are in!

Personal Power Painting – Heart Chakra symbol drawing 

At the heart of Personal Power Painting is the use of symbols to enhance our self care and empowerment. I am strengthening my heart’s resilience and did this drawing to speak to the concept of the heart energy being ‘unstruck’. I feel the main concept of all of the lessons of the heart is unconditional […]

‘Together under the Moon’ – new oil painting by Shelley Irish

‘Together under the Moon’ Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″ 2016 I finished up this sweet little painting yesterday. It was commissioned from a man who bought one of my prints on Etsy. He titled the piece and designed the painting. I loved painting it! It was the first time in many a moon that […]