2016 October

Heart of the Green Man

I made a waterway through the heart of the Green Man today. On days like these it’s a combination of excitement and terror of a huge ‘excavation’ such as this. Next up, the boats!

Personal Power Painting ™

I received notice that the trademark for Personal Power Painting is official today!!! Hooray!  For more: http://www.gallerysati.com/workshops/

“The Angel in the House”

“Virginia Woolf considered all books as “surrounded by a circle of invisible censors … [who] admonish us”. She named one major figure “The Angel in the House”, a female voice telling her to be less hostile to/placate men; another “The Spirit of the Age”, an elderly male voice like a customs officer checking her writing […]

The first layer of Water on Green Man

I layed in the first layer of Water on the Green Man yesterday. Here we see both underwater and above water. So excited to be at this stage!