2016 November

Cyber Monday Originals Sale!

I am running a Cyber Monday sale on new paintings. The deal – you save $ by saving me time… the pre-Etsy sale! You get to save 15% by buying any of these new original oils and I get save the time of not listing these paintings on Etsy!!! Win win! The sale ends Saturday, Dec […]

Paint the Funk Out!

Feeling Funky? (& not in a good way?) Want to paint that funk out? Join us for Paint the Funk Out on Dec 3rd or 6th, 2016. Register by Dec 1st.   When we Paint the Funk Out we use active acrylic painting techniques and create art with intentional, personal meaning. The process metabolizes emotions […]

Today’s Lady Liberty

                                      This is what I saw today. I saw a wounded Lady Liberty be exploited by a sociopathic meglomaniac. I saw Hillary Clinton get more blood on her hands by almost cracking our glass ceiling. I saw […]

Oracle card readings this Saturday!

I am offering oracle card readings at Rainbow Natural Remedies (409 15th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington 98112) this Saturday from 12:30p – 3:30p. I’ll also be there on Saturday, November 12th at the same time. If you would like a reading but the time or location doesn’t work for you, no worries! I also do […]