2017 January

‘I’d call a plumber!’

When an Australian reporter asked Ajahn Brahm, the head of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, how he would respond if someone flushed the holy book of his religion down the toilet, that is what he said. The reporter laughed, as he had done quite a bit of interviewing of religious leaders taking their shit […]

More light on the green man. ☀️

The shadows of the lady cave

 In Master’s Technique, the beginning of all painting starts with exacting the shadows. In my Master’s class this weekend, we delved into this process on the day of the Women’s marches all across the country. I asked my students to stretch and scribble to get the kinks out. We talked about delving into the dark […]

‪Sun ray pattern of natural note symbol laid in! ‬

‪Sun ray pattern of natural note symbol laid in! ‬

It worked!

The stencil worked! 10 more to go ?

I ❤ Stencils!

I made a stencil for the Green Man painting today to help me to the symbol pattern that is coming out of the central sun. 

Personal Power Painting and Master’s Technique workshops in January 2017

Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start and your creative juices are flowing. Some offerings for you this month:  Personal Power Painting One-Day Workshop ~ A Holistic Artistic Experience ~ I have a 1-day Personal Power Painting workshop coming up this Saturday, the 7th of January. It runs from […]