2017 May

Paint with me all day tomorrow? Personal Power Painting 6 hour workshop 6-1-17

Paint with me all day tomorrow? If you call in, I won’t tell anyone! Personal Power Painting 6 hour workshop – tomorrow! Think abstract, expressive and mandala painting wrapped into one. While scribbling and painting loosely with acrylics, you are guided through a painting process using basic shapes and symbols to create paintings layered with […]

Visionary Alchemy NYC Videos

Having my art be a part of Visionary Alchemy was… hard to describe. Surreal but real, an absolute honor, something that makes my heart feel a million miles wide, and so many other things. Society for Art of Imagination, One Art Space, you freaking rule! Here are some vids from the show that I have been checking […]

June Art Workshops

I’ve got some art workshop goodies for you coming up in June! Personal Power Painting, Paint the Funk Out, Paint the Love In, & Meditative Painting! All classes are held at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials in SODO Seattle. If the time or location doesn’t work for you, but you’d love to take the class, we […]

~ Visionary Alchemy ~

Here are a couple shots my Aunti Cathi took at the Visionary Alchemy show happening right now in NY at One Art Space! The first is a women looking at my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters. The second photo is the line of work on the same wall Nuit is on. Squeeeee! What a […]

Self Portrait at 36, a start

My demo painting for the Self Portraiture class I am teaching right now. This is the first couple layers. The first layer I demo-ed in class, and this week in my home studio I did some expressive color underpainting in order to show one of my students how to marry that with the greys of […]