2017 June

Meditative Painting is tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night! In this peaceful 90 minute workshop, we will start off by learning the infinity meditation. This is a very simple mental and physical meditation that calms the mind, gently stretches the arms and readies the body for painting. We’ll then slow down and push paint around. If you’d like to join me for […]

Done with ’36’!

This is my self portrait at 36 years. 

36 – Almost done!

Self portrait at 36, almost done… 

Plans for the new moon? I have an offering for you.

                Plans for the new moon? I have an offering for you. I scheduled the Paint the Funk Out! and Paint the Love In! workshops around the next moon cycle. After tonight’s full moon, the moon will be waning. When the moon is waning it is a great […]

Mylene’s Personal Power Painting

One week ago, Mylene P. attended my Personal Power Painting class and created this awesome painting! I am so deeply humbled and overjoyed to share her testimonial about the class. What she got out of it was exactly what I was going for in creating the class, and she stated it so eloquently. Thank you […]

What’s love got to do with it?

What’s love got to do with it? EVERYTHING! Wanna paint about it?  Saturday, 12noon – 3:00pm Paint the Love In! – 1 afternoon – 3 hours $50  When we Paint the Love In! we use active acrylic painting techniques and create art with intentional, personal meaning. What do you love, what are you grateful for, […]