My Update

Goodness, it’s been awhile since I posted on my website. If you’d like to know what’s going on with me more often, please like my FB page. I do the bigger updates here, and the more day to day things over there. 

In the past week, I rearranged my studio… letting some light into my cave. 


I also had a consultation by someone’s whose opinion I really respect, which helped me fine tune my focus. 

A couple weeks ago I redid my artist head shot and rewrote my bio. Please visit my About page to check them out.

In the past month, I sold 2 large prints on Fine Art America / Pixels. I don’t see customer names on this network. I am so thankful for everyone who connects with my art! & I just, literally juuuust found out FAA / P are now printing art on yoga mats. Omgoddess, so rad. Click the following screenshot pic to link. 

In the past couple months, I’ve started private art lessons with 2 new clients. It is such an honor to work with these ladies. 

Yesterday, I finished a big art therapy project I’ve been working on for a while. Ahhh, freedom! 

Best blessings,