5/15/17 – 5/21/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Get some rest, focus on gentleness, and connect with your dreams.

5/15/17 – 5/21/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Get some rest, focus on gentleness, and connect with your dreams.

This week, both spiritually and astrologically, is all about your mental and etheric bodies being recognized and loved by you this week.

The oracle cards I pulled for the week are Rest, from the Mermaid deck by Doreen Virtue, and Pele, from the Goddess deck by Doreen Virtue.

Astrologically, we’ve got a waning half moon on Thursday and the Sun is going into Gemini on Saturday. So especially towards the end of the week, there is a possibility of some quirky wisdom, and lots of mental activity.

So, rest. And dream. Both of the cards ask us to look carefully at our priorities and see if the ways we are spending our time are really for our best interests. Are you filling from an empty cup or not fulfilled? One of the messages from the Pele card is to tap into your heart energy and really be honest with yourself about how things make you feel. One of the ways to do this is to take the 5 biggest things in your life, say for instance, family, job, friends, your hobbies and interests, and hold your hand on our heart when you think about them. When you think about your family, and let your family into your heart, what is the heart’s response? How does your heart respond to the other areas of your life? This week is really not about making big changes, but more about being very clear with yourself about your level of satisfaction in your life and what areas need to be more heart centered. Pele is all about PASSION, which of course stems from the heart. What are the things that are not heartfelt in your life that you can transition away from? What does your heart long for that you can put more time, energy, or just pure passion into?

The Rest card asks us to be gentle and focus on self love. Like my favorite Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm says, “never get done today what can be put off until tomorrow.” The essence of this teaching is to be kind to the self and not put too much pressure on anything. I am ultra driven and a bit of a workaholic, so this has been a powerful counterbalance philosophy to what I deem as normal ‘passion’. And like Doreen Virtue says, even just an hour a day working on your passion is enough to keep your spark alive and move your creativity forward. Passion does not have to be tied to a relationship or a craft, at its core is the passion for life. What ignites that passion for life in you when you are resting? What are the common themes of your dreams and your innermost comforts? What is soothing to you in your mental landscape that has nothing to do with your outer life? This is a great week to explore these things and really give yourself the time and space to dream, do extra self care and set down your passions and responsibilities for hours on end. What is more important than your peace and rest? Do you just need a nap sometimes? Allow yourself to take those extra breaks and rests and honor yourself by loving yourself through these actions.

Blessings for a gentle week!

~ Shelley (Sati)

7th Star Spirit Arts