5/8/17 – 5/14/17 ~ This week’s world-energy oracle card forecast asks us to be patient and to commune with spirit.

5/8/17 – 5/14/17 ~ This week’s world-energy oracle card forecast asks us to be patient and to commune with spirit. These cards are pulled with the intention of how to deal with the energy of the week, not so much a prediction.

This week’s cards were pulled from the Unicorn deck by Doreen Virtue and the Flower Therapy deck by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.

Someone out there needs to hear that what they are waiting for is on it’s way, so don’t despair. Another dimension of the reading is that what you are seeking is already within you, so communing with your divine guidance is where to seek this from, not from without.

This is a powerful message and asks us to be more solitary this week. Forcing and attaching won’t get you anywhere this week, it really is all about finding your own center and accepting the time it takes for things to manifest. Remember, everything in the physical world started as just energy, and moves into our physical world as a metaphysically realized entity. So when you are waiting for something to show up in your life, it can take the edge off to know that it probably already exists energetically, and it just needs time to form. If that is too abstract for you, just remember that we are amazing creators as humans, we turn our ideas into life. So because you have an idea it already exists on the energetic level simply as an idea. It can help to remember also that what you are seeking is also seeking you, and by connecting with what you are seeking on an energetic or thinking level, you are putting the wheels in motion to allow it to come to life. This is the main message from the Worth Waiting for card.

Oh man, the Unity card is a big concept card. But it is also very simple. Our relationship with what we call Goddess, God, Spirit, the Divine, Great Creator, Holy Father / Mother, or whatever you call divine energy, is the most important relationship we have and the only one that we have any control over. We cannot take anything with us when we return to our spirit home but love. What is the love between you and your spirit connection? We are all connected to each other through this love and energetic web. This card is all about starting with yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the action that you wish for in others. What would love do? In order to effect positive changes, you must start with yourself. So if a situation you are in feels out of control, take your power back and harness back into your inner power and love reserve, and give it back to yourself. In this way of connecting with the love and the divine within yourself, you are connected to everyone else in love through the holy web.

Here is a meditation I use often, and one that has been helpful to my students and clients. It helps you center your energy and take your power back into your energetic body. It is especially helpful for empaths and those that get a little nervy when there is too much going on or they are caring too much about other people’s stuff and actions. If you try it, let me know what you think if you have the time. Much love, ~Shelley Irish

Energy Centering Meditation:

Take a few deep breaths and get comfy. When you are relaxed and ready: visualize your spinal energy like a light pillar. From your center light pillar, just observe how many energy lines you have going out to other people, situations, places, any energy connection going out. I visualize these like antenna made of light. Observe how far these go out. Then engage with the breath and as you inhale, bring those energy lines in towards your center, so you are collecting energy as your body lifts from the breath. As you exhale, let the collected energy drop into your pelvic bowl and reabsorb into your central light pillar. The pulling in / collecting energy can go just a little at a time and it’s up to you when you feel the process is complete for the sitting. The main goal is to bring as much of your energy back to you as feels comfortable, so that you have more of a reserve to work from. It can also help with the observation part of loving detachment from charged thoughts and emotions.