7/17/17 – 7/23/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Grieve and Let Finances Flow.

7/17/17 – 7/23/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Grieve and Let Finances Flow.

What a week we have this week! The waning moon moves through Aries, Gemini, and Cancer, & our week ends with a new moon in Leo. Astrologically, there is supportive energy around new ideas, seeing both sides of a situation and incubating, all under the guise of letting go (because of the waning moon – release). If new ideas pop up, ask yourself what needs to be let go to allow this new thing in your life. If you are seeing both sides of a situation, what needs to be let go in order to see more clearly and fairly? If you are incubating, what needs to be let go in order to achieve maximum comfort? On Sunday, with the new moon in Leo, this is all about newness in the realm of showmanship, storytelling and being magnetic. What in your life that you are starting upon could use some attention and presentation surrounding it? Because everyone else will be on the same vibe, how can you balance roaring and hearing other’s roars?

The cards I pulled this week auger both giving and receiving. I pulled from the Butterfly and the Healing with the Fairies decks by Doreen Virtue. I pulled the Grief Work card from the Butterfly deck, which means that grieving is part of a life change for the world energy, or you specifically, right now. I pulled the Financial Flow card form the Healing with the Fairies deck, which means that some kind of abundance is coming. When paired together, I feel these cards are telling me that grief work is relevant in order to receive financial flow. What needs to be grieved in order to receive? What is it that you truly want to receive? This card is specifically about money, but money comes to us in a multitude of ways. It can come to us in the form of an idea, a collaboration opportunity, a new person that will be part of your receiving network, and many others.

If your hands are full, in fists, or just simply closed, it is difficult to receive. We must let go of what is in our hands, open them and allow the abundance to come in. When we look at grieving, many of us deal with trauma drama, as Doreen Virtue puts it, and that blocks the actual grieving that needs to happen. It is difficult to give yourself permission to go through the grieving process because it can feel like too much, like it’s inconvenient or like it will take away from something else in your life. But what will happen is that on the other side of grief is this beautiful opening that will propel you forward in your growth and self-love. One of my dearest friends did her master’s thesis on the concept of grief being spiritually transformative. Even just sitting with processing that concept, that grief is spiritually transformative, is very powerful. If this resonates to you, I ask you to explore that. How does grief offer spiritual transformation? What does that mean to you? Sometimes it can help to look at the more mental aspects of a concept first, and that can help take the emotional pangs out of delving in. It is spiritual to grief, it is not a lower aspect.

Our bodies are these beautiful instruments of feeling, and they offer us an opportunity to work with our feelings to achieve better quality of life. Something I have been doing for about a year or so, based on the teaching of Buddhist Monk Ajahn Brahm, is to invite feelings into my body and make friends with them. It feels scary before you do it, but if you can allow the feeling to just move through you, then it can move out. We are taught culturally to push things down, put on our happy face and keep trucking. When we allow the feeling, be it rage, sadness, or anything to be truly expereinced in our bodies, it can take the fear and sting out of the anticipation of what the feeling will be like. Oprah also talks about something along the lines of a 90 second experience of whatever feeling is hard for you. Fully feel the feeling for 90 seconds and do whatever feels right (without hurting yourself or others of course), yell, cry, get it out, so that it can move on. It metabolizing that emotion and is like an exercise. Exercise can sometimes totally suck at first, but then once you are in the rhythm it feels so good. It’ s great to also reflect upon this by journaling or doing a craft or artsy project so that you can continue that flow of your experience creatively as another form of release.

Another thing I’d like to mention about financial flow and receiving is that we can at times block our ability receive by negative thoughts, doubt, lack of confidence and self worth. Everyone experiences these things, no matter how they appear on the outside. Many times it comes down to our believe systems that have taught us to self-deprecate or feel unworthy. This is so natural and normal, and has quite a bit to do with culture and how we are nurtured. In my art classes, when we do exercises dealing with the inner critic, I ask my students to write a list of things their inner critic says to them. After that, I ask them to write down, ‘who said that’, so that the ‘inner’ criticism is given back to its rightful owner. A lot of times that negative self talk actually started somewhere else, a parent, a teacher, sibling, classmate, or another source. When looking at that, then it’s time to ask yourself if you believe that criticism. Most of the time we don’t need to believe it anymore because it is an out dated mode of thinking. There are also levels of self awareness that show us how we could have done better in past situations, and that turns into self criticism. Either way, the answer is forgiveness. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. We are all perfect and we are all flawed at the same time. Our flaws are what makes us perfect, perfect to grow, perfect to heal. Perfect to be flawed again, make mistakes and grow again. I ask you to open up and think about self-forgiveness and any forgiveness for others. Sometimes the best we can do is to forgive the person but not the action. This little thing can open us up to first receiving self love, and second, to receiving more from others.  

With the best of blessings.

~ Shelley (Sati)

7th Star Spirit Arts


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