7/24/17 – 7/30/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Pray and Make Music

This week, astrologically there is potential for the mood to be expressive, organized and focused on relationships, as the moon moves through Leo, Virgo and Libra. We are now under a waxing moon, so anything you are putting your energy into has great growing power.

The cards I pulled for the week are the Pray card from the Trust your Vibes deck by Sonia Choquette and the Make Music card from the Healing with the Fairies deck by Doreen Virtue. I think it was last week that I was talking about when we pray, sometimes we forget to give ourselves enough quiet time and space to actually hear or see the response to our prayers. The message of prayer is not just to pray, but to be open to how the prayer is answered. Sit in stillness and quiet. It is amazing how quieting the mind for just a few moments can open the conduit between us and spirit.

If you are praying for something specific, it is good practice to include in your prayers the statement, ‘this or something better’. We often can only see a certain amount of solutions, while spirit can see everything and exists in the infinite power of creativity. If we get fixed into one thing, we can wait forever if it isn’t the right thing for us after all. It’s also important to note to never pray for anything to do with anyone else. That goes against other’s free will choices and is basically a waste. How to get around that? Send love to people and situations, and be open to how that love is received. Most people know this, but you must be careful what you pray for. Take time to really get clear on what it is you are asking for and be open to what comes back.

The main thing in regards to prayer is that it is an exercise of faith, communication and belief. The most important part of prayer is to believe that you will receive what you are praying for. Saying something out loud or clearly to yourself is a way to focus your attention on what you want and put the wheels in motion. One of the things I think about quite often with prayer is that what you are seeking is also seeking you. Speaking that wish into the energetic realm initiates the energetic connection and starts the wheels turning to bring your wish to you. Anchor in to the idea and visualize, meditate, and connect with it on a regular basis to allow the work to happen. In my spiritual tradition, we pray then we are silent. We listen and allow the wish to come. We do not get in the way of spirit and stay open to the power of creativity seeing the way to the wish better than we can. That’s faith and belief that spirit provides all that is needed and there is no such thing as lack on an energetic level.

One of the messages from the Make Music card is that prayers can often be answered through wisdom we learn as we listen to music. This card is not just about making music, it’s about being surrounded by music and in a state of rhythm and harmony. Even just tapping your thumb or singing along to a song you love is enough creative flow to engage in the energy of music making. If you do feel drawn to making music, make it! Sing, dance, play an instrument, do an online tutorial to learn something musical. Arts are about expression, about opening up to the creative force. Our bodies are instruments; we don’t need much to create rhythm and melodies. Experiment, play, create!

Things can be way more fun when music is involved. If you think, ack, I have to do these fucking dishes now (or whatever is a no-fun thing in your world), put on some music to liven it up. The old adage ‘whistle while you work’ has staying power because it is true. Everything is more fun with music. The thing that strikes me the most about music is it’s ability to make time disappear. Really, music is a measure of time, so in a way it’s taps into the concept of time in order to make time disappear. I am in a band and I play music on a regular basis. Much like in my art practice, time disappears and I enter what I consider sacred space that is ‘a place without a place and a time without a time’. Get lost in music, let it envelope you in it’s loving arms. There you may hear the voice of your angels, your guides, the voice of spirit answering your prayer. When we let go, we allow energy to flow freely, and that is when the miracles come.

Blessings for a beautiful week,

~ Shelley (Sati)

7th Star Spirit Arts



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