7/3/17 – 7/9/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Allow the New, Explore Intuition & Be Bold

7/3/17 – 7/9/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Allow the New, Explore Intuition & Be Bold

It’s a big week with the full moon in Capricorn this weekend, Independence Day in the US, and a week of lots of 7s in the dates. Astrologically, most of the week is spent with the moon moving through Sagittarius and Capricorn, so it is a strong week energetically. I decided to pull 3 cards from decks with very feminine, lighthearted energy. I pulled from the Butterfly, Flower Therapy and Goddess decks, all by Doreen Virtue.

The Welcome the New card is such a beautiful message. The main concept is to be open to receiving new energy, new patterns, new people, new ideas and newness of all kinds. It’s a sign that energetically you are shifting and the wheel is turning. It is also a reminder to empty your hands so that you can receive. When we hold onto the past, we are not able to create room for the newness to enter, so even if it’s a millimeter at a time, it is healthy and safe to let go of outdated things in your life so that you can be present with the fresh energy of the now. It is a very receptive card and it also asks you to be discerning. Not everything that is new is something you will want to open to, sometimes we all need to open our hearts and let whatever enters go on again so that we are aligned with our right balance of what works in our life. Be good to yourself in this way and you will know that the new that comes in that you want to keep is in good alignment with all aspects of you.

The Open Your Third Eye card is also a very receptive card. It asks you ultimately to find truth. We all describe truth in different ways and I ask you to consider one thing in the way you think about it. What is the love truth? Generally, when we listen for guidance and understanding through opening up our intuition, we are doing so not because we want to know how successful our walk to the mailbox is. We inquire about and explore things we care about and need guidance about. When you open up your listening and intuition to allow truth in, please be kind to yourself and give yourself enough self-care to truly support yourself in the process. There are beautiful truths as well as hard truths. The more you daydream, meditate and visualize, the more work your mind and spirit are doing, so just please take extra care. In a recent video, Doreen Virtue was talking about how people pray and ask for help, but then they turn off and don’t listen for the answer. It takes energy, discipline and patience to listen to the answer, so when you are working with your intuition, please give yourself these extra kindnesses so that you actually can listen and receive the truth of which you seek.

Being Bold – whoa! Yes! I feel like this paired with the other two cards is interesting, because being bold is all about expressing and sending energy. Coupled with the receiving position of the first two, we have a message to boldly express as well. I think this could be a sign to take what messages you feel from receiving the new and listening to your intuition and express them boldly in how you look upon yourself in this new moment of this week. Maybe you will change the way you dress, your jewelry, your speech, or your art. Maybe you will make a big change for the better and not look back. Maybe you will not shy away from something that has quieted you before. What area of your life could use some boldness this week, and how do the new energy and intuitive messages inform that?

Independence means many things. Happy INDEPENDENCE Day to all that is independent to your uniqueness and personal definition of love truth.

With the best of blessings.

~ Shelley (Sati)

7th Star Spirit Arts


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