8/7/17 – 8/13/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Make Music and Embrace your Power

8/7/17 – 8/13/17 ~ This week’s oracle message: Make Music and Embrace your Power

Interesting, the Make Music card came up 2 weeks ago in my World Energy reading, and I am getting a feeling to explore another dimension in this reading. I feel this card is also sending a message out there about rhythm. Really, the soundtrack of our lives consists of many things other than music. As I sit here, I am hearing the tap of my typing, the wind, random voices of my neighbors here and there, hum of traffic and the breathing of my sleeping cat. I’ve also been very aware of how much sounds and noise affect me. So I feel like spirit is asking me to pass along the message of recognizing not only the music in your life, but the sounds in your life as well.

Astrologically, we have a full moon in Aquarius tonight, it’s Lunar Lammas today, AND a partial lunar eclipse. So the energies of the elements of earth (earth), water (moon) and fire (sun), are prominent concepts that tie into the energy of the full moon. I would look at what areas in your life you’d like to release in regard to your health (earth), your emotions (water) and your passion (fire). Full moons are all about release, and Aquarian energy lends itself to creating your own truth. I feel like this means that this week will be much about releasing illusion and honing into your truth. The fairies are so frank, so I pulled a card from the Healing with the Fairies deck by Doreen Virtue, to give you a direct message in how to work with this release of illusion. Out popped the Make Music card. I also pulled from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue to give you a message about the underlying energy of the release, and pulled the Empowerment card. I thought the message from the fairies would be frank and the message from the mermaids would be soft, but it was a little opposite, ha!

Coming back to the first thought I had after I pulled the cards, I feel even more so that this card is asking you to look at the rhythm of your life in regards to what you hear. This may be a message of zoning out random noises with music so you can get in a groove. It could be looking at how music influences your moods. For me, I listen to music that brings up a lot of emotion, and generally have music on while I work. So I must be careful to match my music with my daily goals, lest I compromise my work. So look at this for yourself. What role does music play in your life. How do the sounds of your life influence you? If you feel called to listen to more music and even to make music, it’s a great week to have music be a companion to you in your life, and in doing release work. Maybe sing your heart out while listening to music that reminds you of something you’d like to release, or sing music that feels empowering to express. Our bodies are instruments, we’ve got a built in singing machine in our throats and built in percussion in our hands and fingers (and toes!!) Like I wrote about a couple weeks ago, even just tapping your fingers, and having an extra sway in your hips is a great way to feel more in harmony and rhythm. Especially for women, the sacral chakra just below the belly button is the seat of power, it is connected to water and emotion. When we move this are around, especially in a rhythm, it brings us into a very powerful state, indeed.

Which brings us to our next card, Empowerment. I pulled this card to examine the underlying concept behind release, and empowerment came up. It made me think about an experience I had when I went on a wildcrafting day trip with my dear friend and her friend. Long story short is that we partnered up with someone we didn’t know and did a little plant communication meditation together. The plants gave us messages to pass along to our partner, and the message I received from the spirit of skullcap was “What took away your power as a woman?’. This was intense for me, it spurred a lot of healing in exploring this and something I still look back to, to make sure I am continuing to be aligned with my power as a woman. So here I ask you the same thing, “Is there something that took your power away?” It’s a tough, important question that can have huge ramifications in healing.

Much of our power issues have to do with our beliefs, and if you deeply examine your beliefs you can come into your power in a really pure, informed way. Something I teach in my art classes when working with inner critic issues, is when looking at a belief, ask yourself, “Who told you that?”. Often times, beliefs we hold aren’t beliefs that even started with us. When we go back and pinpoint and find out ok, a teacher told me that, or a parent told me that, or a billboard told me that, we can then look at the belief as something outside of ourselves. We can then look at it objectively and choose to believe it or not. It takes time to reprogram our beliefs, but it is well worth it for the health and balance benefits that follow. I think this is the only mermaid card where the mermaid has wings. So the massage here is to lift yourself up. What lifts you up? What makes you feel powerful? What gives you confidence and allows you to be seen and heard for the lovely, unique creature you are? The message on the card asks us to consider it being safe to be powerful, and that goes back to the concept of power being taken or given away. If you can pinpoint something that has made you feel unsafe in being powerful, it’s a good week to start work on releasing where that started. If you can imagine things that would help you feel safe in being powerful, by all means, run your ass off towards that. This moment is the seat of power. What will you do with it?    

~ Shelley (Sati)

7th Star Spirit Arts


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