Hello and Welcome to Gallery Sati! 

The home of the work of Shelley Anne Tipton Irish (Sati)


My paintings dance with unabashed honesty of the medicines and challenges of the human life cycle. Existential and contemplative, my work explores the net between psychology and spirituality. I discover what each painting wants to say, translate it and offers my paintings as meditations on existence. I use shamanic journeying and energetic healing to pull the physical feelings inside of me out and onto the canvas.

My process starts within my heart and mind, most often based on experiences of my own personal growth and self-reflection. Emotions turn into landscapes, cognitive processes turn into people and deities. My path is a seeker of truth and I am highly interested in the interconnectedness of energy and the material world. This interest extends into hours of research for each painting concept I explore, to come to an understanding of how science, spirituality, global culture, alchemy and human emotion overlap into one moment of vision.


I paint slowly and deliberately in a style reminiscent of the Renaissance masters. Paintings are labored over for months, being sanded, glazed and meticulously painted until they reach a state of expressive realism. I am now exploring a technique combining Master’s technique and Mische technique.

I also make suncatchers out of beads and crystals for meditative purposes.


I live and work in Seattle, Washington, USA. I exhibit my work internationally, vend at psychic fairs and sell my originals and reproductions online.

My business philosophy is based on making my art and teaching accessible and affordable. My price points start at $1.50 for buttons, and I sell cards with prints of all of my paintings for less than $5.00. I create mini originals so that I may offer original, affordable artwork as well. My family came from humble roots and my mission is to share my art with as many people as possible. This has deeply informed my business philosophy and so many aspects of my life. Although I respect how others do business, for me, limited prints and overly expensive prints go against my mission of allowing my art to fulfill it’s transcendental purpose to as many people as possible. As far as teaching goes, I add art therapy elements to all my classes and work with venues that are not tied into degree programs to fulfill the same mission. 

In person and online, I teach painting classes for skill building, personal enrichment and healing. My classes vary from Master’s Technique to Personal Power Painting™. I take the Holistic Artistic approach to all of my classes and teach not only how to paint well, but also take good care of yourself as a creative.

I was born in Denver, Colorado, USA. I studied painting there and in Paris and Italy until 2005. I became a copy artist of a Rubens’ painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France in 2006 and earned my MFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco in 2009.

For more about my art and offerings, please visit:
To contact me, write to gallerysati@gmail.com

I am a proud member of the Society for Art of Imagination! 

Curriculum Vitae Selections:


Visionary Alchemy, One Art Space, New York, NY, 2017

Beep Wales, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales UK, 2014

Chakra Rainbow, the Gallery at Nine 10 Arts, Denver, CO, USA, 2011

Artists Against Convention, Next Gallery, Denver, CO, USA, 2008


We’Moon on the Wall Calendar and Datebook, We’Moon Oregon, USA, 2015-2016

Wee Book of Creativity, Child Rescue Foundation, Colorado, USA, 2002

Colorado Symphony Cookbook, Colorado Symphony, Colorado, USA, 1996


MFA Figurative Oil Painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, 2009

Copy Artist Certification and Painting Courses, Ateliers du Carroussel & the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France, 2006

BA Studio Art and International Studies, University of Denver, CO, 2003

More about my art and process:

My oil paintings are delicately rendered and offer conceptual originality. My beadwork is whimsical and inviting. All of my artwork is created to enhance the lives of others through providing beauty, contemplation and transpersonal experience.

I am a female sole proprietor, owner and founder of Sati Llc. Everything that happens in the business of my art comes from my hands. From the meditative process of creating my paintings and suncatchers, to the practical parts of business such as shipping, taxes, and my website, it is my vision and my hands that create it all.

I am a classically trained oil painter working in the Visionary theme. I earned my MFA in figurative oil painting in 2009 and have dedicated my life to my art. I believe in the power of something you see everyday that speaks truth and blessings to you. This is the intention behind all of my artwork, to take the overflow of love from my heart, funnel it through my hands, and create artwork that provides catharsis to all who view it.


My painting studio is my ‘wet room’ where all of my creative work is done. This is where the paint flies and where I meditate on what the painting wants to say. I keep all of my art supplies in here, including paintings in progress, paint, varnish, beads for suncatchers, pencils and sketchbooks. I also have sewing supplies, shipping materials and an awesome stereo. Paintings cover the walls and hang in a drying net, each in it’s own state of progress. In here I also have shelving and storage space of package-protected, completed artwork to show clients and guests while they are immersed in my creative space.


My office is my ‘dry room’ where I do all of the paperwork for business operations and where I do beadwork. Here I do all of my accounting, taxes, ordering, web work, advertising and the like. I store my business documents here as well as blank canvases. Another drying rack inhabits my office, holding dozens of paintings in progress.


I am a one-woman operation. I am the painter, the bead artist, the photographer, the designer, the sales and advertising person. I am the shipper, the accountant, the buyer and the customer service representative. I am the blogger and the website manager. I am the point person at all of the art fairs and I handle all of my online sales. I do not have any employees although I do receive some free labor from my husband and friends for art fairs and shows.

Artwork Production:

It all starts with the painting. I am a meditative oil painter and art is my life ritual. The beginning of each artwork starts with contemplation of what the world needs right now. Then comes visualizations, sketches and meditations. The process of painting is the translation of what comes through.

I use only the best materials to create my paintings. I use high quality cotton canvases with even, uniform stretcher bars. I use paint from Europe and the US of the finest quality and color brilliance.


Under-paintings are started by using translucent glaze to describe the forms and shadows of the scene. I then paint in the general value pattern of the painting. I then work in layers of value and color. I paint very thin and sand in between each layer to add to the luminosity and color depth of each piece. I keep on painting and sanding until I reach a state of expressive realism. This technique is based on the combination of Master’s Technique and Mische Technique. Once a painting dries I varnish the painting and attach a hanging wire to the back. After photographing the painting for archives and reproduction, I print a certificate of authenticity and package the painting.

For packaging of large work, I fold wax paper around each painting, then layer the front and back in cardboard. I attach cardboard corner protectors and wrap the package in plastic. This ensures the paintings are protected and waterproof in my studio storage, at art shows and in transit. For shipping, these packaged paintings are supported by layers of bubble wrap inside a cardboard box.

For packaging of mini oil paintings, I pack a mini black easel into a 5” x 7” cardboard jewelry box. I set the painting on the easel, fitting snug in the box from top to bottom with open room above the painting. I keep these in a larger box in my studio shelving storage, and when shipping, support the little jewelry boxes with bubble wrap inside a larger cardboard box.

Suncatcher Production:



For suncatchers, I take out all of my beads, crystals and pendants and spread them out on the desk in my office. I let them ‘speak to me’ and lay out combinations that hold sacred meaning in their content of gemstones, crystals and art beads. I then string them onto unbreakable fishing wire and tie off the top. I package them in jewelry boxes along with a suction cup for window display and a bow made of ribbon in a corresponding color. When shipping, I package them wrapped in bubble wrap in a larger box.

Quality Control:

I only use canvases with 90 degree square corners, sturdy stretcher bars, with no damage to the surface of the canvas. I order my canvases in bulk and any that do not make the cut are returned. I only use brands of paint that consistently provide me with high quality results. I use Liquin as my painting medium, which is great for my style of painting and also has one of the lowest yellowing rates for longevity of the artwork. The varnish I use, Gamlin’s Gamvar, is a clear varnish that yields results of paintings that age very, very slowly, and protects the canvas with a subtly glossy sheen.

I package my paintings only after they are well and dry. I use materials that protect my work, such as wax paper, sheets of cardboard and corner protectors and store them inside waterproof containers. When I transport my paintings for art shows and fairs I use extra caution and extra packing materials, including mobile plastic containers, foam core and waterproofing materials to ensure they are unharmed. For shipping I construct the inside of each box with foam core and customize each box to fit the painting shipped. I keep a clean studio and office and do routine checks and maintenance to ensure my paintings arrive to each customer as if I just finished the artwork. I store all of my supplies and finished work inside to ensure the standards of proper temperature and moisture control. On the rare occasion that a painting gets scraped or damaged in any way, I repair the painting in the way that is needed, which can include things like re-painting an area and re-varnishing, or re-edging and ensuring the hanging hardware is taut.

To purchase art is personal and takes time, and sometimes a painting will be shown at multiple art shows and fairs before it is sold. I do a minimum of four art shows/fairs a year and ensure that each painting is as if I just finished it for every show and in between shows. My paintings never get to be left alone for very long, I am regularly tuned into any maintenance or extra packaging needed.

The same principles apply to my beadwork. They are packaged in plastic bags and transported in padded jewelry boxes. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet, but any stones or beads that could crack or be scuffed would be replaced and the suncatcher restrung.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work!

~ Shelley Anne Tipton Irish