April 2014 wrap up

Wow, April was an intense month! My erratic artist self was in her prime this month! I am feeling like I rode the grand cardinal cross wave pretty well and am feeling grounded and focused as the month comes to an end.

I applied for an art show and to be in an art gallery.

I sifted through my art fire and created a plan for a new painting that is making me feel like I am perfectly in line with my own present energy and global energy. I got some initial work on this painting done and my goal is to complete the painting “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge” by the end of June, just in time to submit to We’Moon in July. I compiled 14 other artworks and poems for my submission as well.

I decided to hold off on applying for the Society for Art of Imagination until September, when I will apply to be part of both this and the NAWA. This will give me a little more leeway to order more new cards and prints for the Alki Art Fair in July.

Tonight I ended the month by compiling a bunch of pieces of the Personal Power Painting Workshop I have been planning. The description, time syllabus and list of sacred shapes and their meaning are complete.

Looking forward to May!