Art Tips

Green Man Painting Maintenance and Protection

Over the weekend I did some maintenance on this painting to protect it in the future. I drew on the canvas with pencil, quite heavily in some places, and needed to seal it off so that the charcoal will not seap through the oil paint years down the road. I always ‘draw’ on paintings with […]

Today’s Art Tip – Harnessing the Creative Fire 12-03-13

Thinking up an idea is pretty easy, starting it is exciting and working on it builds interest and endurance. I believe artists and people undertaking creative, out-of-the-box projects have a ‘burning’ type of feeling usually in the beginning or right before the end of the artwork or project, often times it’s both. For me this […]

Art Tip Tuesday! – Staying Focused with a Little Visualization Exercise –

Whether you are working on art or some other creative problem solving opportunity: Stay Focused. When things get complicated, do one thing at a time. You will get there. Where are you pointing your arrow? Just point one way at a time and give it all you got! Pat yourself on the back and move […]

Art Tip Tuesday – Suggestions for Creative Blocks

The bliss and challenge of every artist is to face what is in front of you and have the courage to change it. If you are staring at a blank canvas, searching for inspiration and not finding it, consider the feelings in your heart and thoughts in your mind. Are you avoiding something in your […]

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: How to use a Simple Art Technique to Center your Energy in just a couple seconds…

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: When you put pencil to paper and don’t have anything pressing to list or calculate, write or draw, what happens? Do you scribble? Do you draw something from your childhood? Do you make marks, dots, lines? A Personal Anchor Image is a mark, dot, letter, number, symbol or simple drawing that […]

Thinking Too Much and Personal Anchor Imagery Practice

This week I am thinking about… thinking too much! I’m thinking about 9/11 and I’m thinking about Syria. I am thinking about Lady Olivia Robertson’s September 2013 Oracle about the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I’m thinking about the Dalai Lama’s advice to practice Critical Thinking and Action as the most […]

Bubble Mind Map – Creativity Exercise for ‘Finding a Way’ to the Goal

Yesterday I wrote about goal setting and ‘finding a way’ to the goal.  Let’s Tap In! This is all about finding Your way to the goal, tapping into Your process and what works specifically for You. Visual Tools for Wellbeing Exercise: ‘Finding a Way’ to the Goal Using a Bubble Mind Map – A bubble […]

Art and Advocacy – My Little Story about Volunteering for the Child Rescue Foundation

I started volunteering for The Child Rescue Foundation in Denver in 2001. The founder and director, Joanne Kappel, asked me to write a little story about my experiences with CRF for an intern’s project. My story…. Shelley’s Little Story About CRF I met Joanne Kappel, Founder of the Child Rescue Foundation, in 2001. There was a […]

Sacred Feminine Symbols 051713

I am working on Sacred Feminine Symbols that I am going to use in painting workshops and much more. Seems every few days I am getting more inspiration for this symbol language I am developing as a creative expression and empowerment tool for women. Here’s how it is developing, always subject to change! There will […]

5-minute Visualization Exercise to Ease Worry

Happy Full Moon from gallerySATI! Many of us are going through harsh life circumstances right now. Here is a simple visualization exercise I developed to help align thought and imagery patterns towards neutrality and getting though rough patches. Nothing needed for this but five minutes of your time. This is a great exercise to use […]

Visual Tools for WellBeing Book Recommendations

Last night I started a book by Jill Badonsky called The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) – Ten Guides to Creative Inspiration. I liken this book to my two other favorites on the subject of creative fulfillment, such as John Daido Loori’s The Zen of Creativity and Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way. Both of […]