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My love is gone.

My furr child, my sweet El Jefe, crossed the rainbow bridge on March 2nd. He was mine all mine for almost 19 years. Now he belongs to spirit once again. He hung out with me while painting his whole life. I miss him terribly for this and many other reasons. I am sad, exhausted, adapting […]

New Video – Personalized Tarot / Oracle Card Readings – live online, phone or email

The Women by Women show :)

What a powerful and important show! I’m honored to have 2 of my paintings exhibited in it. Green Goddess of New Growth and Nuit and the Seven Sisters will be on display at Blue Door Art Center in Yonkers, NY starting tomorrow until mid March. Here is the link: When art made by women about […]

Last call for Mythical Creatures art workshop tonight!

Printing up the workbook for the Mythical Creatures workshop tonight and so stoked!!! Right now is last call! We start tonight at 5pm at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials in SoDo, then it runs from 5 – 6:30pm for the next 7 Mondays. If you’d like to join us call DS by 3pm today, at 206-223-9599, […]

Upcoming Class: Mythical Creatures

Check this out, so stoked!                               Learn how to paint mythical creatures from the inside out. In this no-pressure acrylic painting workshop, we start with bones and muscles to piece together anatomy from 2 or more creatures. We design our creature’s […]

Holiday Sale 2017

I’m running a holiday sale on all art, prints and oracle card readings. It starts today and goes through Dec 13th, 2017 (last ground shipping day). The details and coupon codes: Gallery Sati Holiday Sale 2017 – save 10% off of all art, prints and oracle card readings – 10% of your sale is donated to […]

Emerald Spiral Fall Expo

I’m vending my art and doing oracle card readings at the Emerald Spiral tommorow. Join me! 

My Update

Goodness, it’s been awhile since I posted on my website. If you’d like to know what’s going on with me more often, please like my FB page. I do the bigger updates here, and the more day to day things over there.  In the past week, I rearranged my studio… letting some light into my […]

Plans for the new moon? I have an offering for you.

                Plans for the new moon? I have an offering for you. I scheduled the Paint the Funk Out! and Paint the Love In! workshops around the next moon cycle. After tonight’s full moon, the moon will be waning. When the moon is waning it is a great […]

Mylene’s Personal Power Painting

One week ago, Mylene P. attended my Personal Power Painting class and created this awesome painting! I am so deeply humbled and overjoyed to share her testimonial about the class. What she got out of it was exactly what I was going for in creating the class, and she stated it so eloquently. Thank you […]

What’s love got to do with it?

What’s love got to do with it? EVERYTHING! Wanna paint about it?  Saturday, 12noon – 3:00pm Paint the Love In! – 1 afternoon – 3 hours $50  When we Paint the Love In! we use active acrylic painting techniques and create art with intentional, personal meaning. What do you love, what are you grateful for, […]

Paint with me all day tomorrow? Personal Power Painting 6 hour workshop 6-1-17

Paint with me all day tomorrow? If you call in, I won’t tell anyone! Personal Power Painting 6 hour workshop – tomorrow! Think abstract, expressive and mandala painting wrapped into one. While scribbling and painting loosely with acrylics, you are guided through a painting process using basic shapes and symbols to create paintings layered with […]

Visionary Alchemy NYC Videos

Having my art be a part of Visionary Alchemy was… hard to describe. Surreal but real, an absolute honor, something that makes my heart feel a million miles wide, and so many other things. Society for Art of Imagination, One Art Space, you freaking rule! Here are some vids from the show that I have been checking […]

June Art Workshops

I’ve got some art workshop goodies for you coming up in June! Personal Power Painting, Paint the Funk Out, Paint the Love In, & Meditative Painting! All classes are held at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials in SODO Seattle. If the time or location doesn’t work for you, but you’d love to take the class, we […]

~ Visionary Alchemy ~

Here are a couple shots my Aunti Cathi took at the Visionary Alchemy show happening right now in NY at One Art Space! The first is a women looking at my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters. The second photo is the line of work on the same wall Nuit is on. Squeeeee! What a […]

Visionary Alchemy is tonight!

My painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters, is being exhibited at One Art Space tonight in NY!!! The Society for Art of Imagination put on this show of amazing visionary artists, many of whom I have admired for years and years. Dream come true land! 

Last call for Self Portrait Oil Painting class!

Last call for Self Portrait Oil Painting! Our first session is this Saturday, 4/15/17. Read on for class and registration info. Read on for E-learning info if the timing / location doesn’t work for you. For those of you already registered, I will see you on Saturday! Learn to paint yourself in a style that […]

Nuit is going to NY!

I sent out my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters, to NY tonight! The Society for Art of Imagination is putting on a show called Visionary Alchemy at One Art Space in Tribeca, opening on Sat, April 29th. It is filled with art from visionary artists I’ve admired, studied, and been in awe of for […]

Today! Come down to the Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair

I am all set up at the Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair!!! 👩🏻‍🎨🔮 Come down! I’m stoked for a happy day of art slinging and oracle readings. 💜 The fair is from 9a-5p PST. The fair is at Kent Commons: 525 4th Avenue N Kent, WA 98032  

Emerald Spiral tomorrow!!! Shop in person – new paintings and art gifts!!!

I’ll be vending my art and doing readings at the Emerald Spiral Physic Expo tomorrow!! If you love crystals and mystical wares, ohhhh dude, it is the best! There are intuitive artists, healers, free lectures and beautiful, beautiful jewelry and gifts. I am stoked, it is such a great time! Come down!