My Thoughts

The shadows of the lady cave

 In Master’s Technique, the beginning of all painting starts with exacting the shadows. In my Master’s class this weekend, we delved into this process on the day of the Women’s marches all across the country. I asked my students to stretch and scribble to get the kinks out. We talked about delving into the dark […]

“The Angel in the House”

“Virginia Woolf considered all books as “surrounded by a circle of invisible censors … [who] admonish us”. She named one major figure “The Angel in the House”, a female voice telling her to be less hostile to/placate men; another “The Spirit of the Age”, an elderly male voice like a customs officer checking her writing […]

Personal Power Painting – Heart Chakra symbol drawing 

At the heart of Personal Power Painting is the use of symbols to enhance our self care and empowerment. I am strengthening my heart’s resilience and did this drawing to speak to the concept of the heart energy being ‘unstruck’. I feel the main concept of all of the lessons of the heart is unconditional […]

Alki Art Fair wrap up

I had a great time at the Alki Art Fair this weekend. I made good connections, shared my art and soaked up the joy of showing my work on the beach and being surrounded by awesome artists. Some pics to follow…  What struck me the most about this fair is that for the first time […]

Dachau Daisies

  Dachau Daisies 11″ x 14″ Oil on Canvas 2007 Shelley Irish Today I am sharing my painting, Dachau Daisies, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a painting I did based on what I saw in 2007 at Dachau. I went to Germany with my mom and our family friend, Joe, who is […]

April 2014 wrap up

Wow, April was an intense month! My erratic artist self was in her prime this month! I am feeling like I rode the grand cardinal cross wave pretty well and am feeling grounded and focused as the month comes to an end. I applied for an art show and to be in an art gallery. […]


I had a couple meetings yesterday. One was something that will take me some time to work up to and be involved in, and the other was the Alki Art Fair board meeting 🙂 I feel so good to be connected with kindred spirits. I am so thankful for all of the support I have had […]

Thinking Too Much and Personal Anchor Imagery Practice

This week I am thinking about… thinking too much! I’m thinking about 9/11 and I’m thinking about Syria. I am thinking about Lady Olivia Robertson’s September 2013 Oracle about the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I’m thinking about the Dalai Lama’s advice to practice Critical Thinking and Action as the most […]

My Thoughts: Diana Nyad, Mental Focus, & Goal Setting

This week I am thinking about goal setting, in relation to every kind of goal, whether related to art or not.  Creative problem solving is used by every part of society, everyday. Accountants, artists, politicians, parents, farmers, laborers, no one is exempt from finding creative solutions to completing tasks in the best ways possible. Specifically […]