Waxing Zena Moon

Waxing Zena Moon Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 1/16/19 I was able to flip my desk this week! This is getting it ready to become a desk for art students. I am turning my outdoor shed into an art classroom, little by little. This desk will be in there, ooo, can’t wait! Once […]

Still and Steady

Still and Steady Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 1/9/19 I had a fun week. I got a new drawing of Venus of Willendorf done that I am satisfied with. Now I can move forward on painting her form on the big canvas this weekend.  I’ve been loving being next to my crystal spiral […]

Light and Sweet

Light and Sweet Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 12/26/18 My week was sweet with creative moments coming in pictures, through food and crafts.  I didn’t work much this week, just a skype art lesson and posting patreon rewards today.  For the holidays, I made my husband a masculine counterpart to the sacred feminine […]

Infinite Self Love, Oracle Happy, Spreading Events

Mmm, just one more work day for my regular job tomorrow and then it is holiday chill time! I’m jazzed to adventure and feast with my husband and mom.  <3 This was a video week for me. I produced the Infinite Self Love Guided Meditation and worked on the new imagery I will use for my […]


Relief Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 12/12/18 A lot of things felt like a breath of fresh air this week. I painted standing up for 3 days out of the last 2 weeks. That is so freeing and happy for me to be that far along in my recovery from the car accident […]