Today’s Lady Liberty

                                      This is what I saw today. I saw a wounded Lady Liberty be exploited by a sociopathic meglomaniac. I saw Hillary Clinton get more blood on her hands by almost cracking our glass ceiling. I saw […]

Personal Power Painting – Heart Chakra symbol drawing 

At the heart of Personal Power Painting is the use of symbols to enhance our self care and empowerment. I am strengthening my heart’s resilience and did this drawing to speak to the concept of the heart energy being ‘unstruck’. I feel the main concept of all of the lessons of the heart is unconditional […]

New Painting in Progress – Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

The final drawing for this painting ‘Crossing the Rainbow Bridge’ is done. I spent last week doing drawing after drawing to exact this concept. This painting is what I am going to work on for my entry into We’Moon’s contest for their 2016 datebook ‘quantum leap year’. I had planned to finish the comedy/tragedy painting […]

Sketchbook – Releasing Fear

This is a sketch I am working on about releasing fear. We see a mirror on one side speaking to the intimate relationship we have to our fears. The figure in the middle is cutting away unnecessary energy cords with a chain saw. The fear self behind her falls away while grasping at her because […]

New Sketch – Getting my formula down for energy patterns

I’ve been working on how to incorporate energy patterns into realistic painting and feel like I’ve got a good formula going here. When I was growing up I did a lot of graphic drawing where I would use grid paper and solid shaped objects to create checkerboard patterns that changed color when they crossed an […]

Energy Pattern City Sketch

A sketch of what building chakras would look like. Another study of energy patterns. I learned a lot from this one.

From my Sketchbook 2-7-14 – Chakra Patterns

I’m studying ways to illustrate energy patterns of objects. Here is an egg and it’s chakra energy pattern continuing back into space and forward towards us. I am playing with different circular patterns of energy layers around the egg. Weaving circles, creating energy windows. Behind the empty energy windows we see peaks of the sky […]

From my Sketchbook 02-06-14 – Energy Patterns

Thinking about energy patterns. Energy patterns of the earth and water. Energy patterns of humans, creatures and objects, how they connect to the energy patterns of the earth and spiritual realms.

Sketchbook Sunday! Underwater rock & lotus

A marker sketch from last year. I had a dream that I was part of an underwater rock. I lifted my head to try to see the surface of the water, and as I looked from underneath the water I saw a luminescent glowing lotus. I kept stretching my neck more and more and had […]

Sketchbook Sunday! Cleansing the Shield

This is a recent sketch of a shamanic journeying experience. After a round of tests in the forest I sat renewed, cleaning my shield and throwing the debris in a fire in the middle of a circle of trees. Here’s to cleansing!!!

Sketchbook Sunday – Falling Angels of Peaceful Surrender

These sketches are from a few months ago, throwback sketch! They are for a small series of paintings I am working on regarding the theme of falling angels, peaceful surrender and the feeling of being grounded. The approaching full moon in Taurus helps us ground with deep roots in the earth. I am looking at […]