Studio Shots

Shadow work on the Green Man today. ???????

Shadow work on the Green Man today. ???????

Done with ’36’!

This is my self portrait at 36 years. 

36 – Almost done!

Self portrait at 36, almost done… 

Self Portrait at 36, a start

My demo painting for the Self Portraiture class I am teaching right now. This is the first couple layers. The first layer I demo-ed in class, and this week in my home studio I did some expressive color underpainting in order to show one of my students how to marry that with the greys of […]

Green Man – oh my! Finally the green layer!

This week I started on the green layer of the Green Man! 

Green Man – almost done with yellow analogous layer

Almost done with the yellow analogous layer. This crazy mische – master technique process is a subtle build, but the rainbow effect that is starting to happen is becoming really freaking cool!

New Rainbow Moons!!!

Order up! ? Here is a new batch of mini moon oil paintings. The rainbow ones are new. What do you think?  To shop in person visit the Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair this Sat, 3-25-17, from 9a-5p PST. The fair is at Kent Commons: 525 4th Avenue N Kent, WA 98032

‘I’d call a plumber!’

When an Australian reporter asked Ajahn Brahm, the head of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, how he would respond if someone flushed the holy book of his religion down the toilet, that is what he said. The reporter laughed, as he had done quite a bit of interviewing of religious leaders taking their shit […]

More light on the green man. ☀️

‪Sun ray pattern of natural note symbol laid in! ‬

‪Sun ray pattern of natural note symbol laid in! ‬

It worked!

The stencil worked! 10 more to go ?

I ❤ Stencils!

I made a stencil for the Green Man painting today to help me to the symbol pattern that is coming out of the central sun. 

Heart of the Green Man

I made a waterway through the heart of the Green Man today. On days like these it’s a combination of excitement and terror of a huge ‘excavation’ such as this. Next up, the boats!

The first layer of Water on Green Man

I layed in the first layer of Water on the Green Man yesterday. Here we see both underwater and above water. So excited to be at this stage!

Strawberry Moon

A new strawberry moon… almost done!

‘Together under the Moon’ – new oil painting by Shelley Irish

‘Together under the Moon’ Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″ 2016 I finished up this sweet little painting yesterday. It was commissioned from a man who bought one of my prints on Etsy. He titled the piece and designed the painting. I loved painting it! It was the first time in many a moon that […]

Let the Moon Cry – New Oil Painting by Shelley Irish

My new painting, ‘Let the Moon Cry’. A painting honoring the sanctity of tears. Our authentic feelings, our release. A moon cries it out and the healing energy expands exponentially through all directions of time and space. The tears drip into the sacred well and are held in peace. The symbols radiating from the moon […]

Fleshing out some bodies on Tribe on the Moon!

Working away on ‘Tribe on the Moon’! I am fleshing out the bodies and discovering all the shadows and basic value pattern of the moonscape. This painting comes from a journey I took to the moon. I tribe of women approached me when I was looking out from a crater. The center women held out […]

New mini paintings :)

These are the mini paintings I got done with this week. Please excuse the glare, just excited to share! Better pic to come. Mini angels: Sunshowers: And… You Can’t have Rainbows without the Rain.

‘Let the Moon Cry’ crashed in yesterday!

Sometimes art flows out of me in waves. Gentle and steady, like a lullaby. Sometimes it flows in huge crashes. Yesterday was a big freaking wave! I’d made a plan and done a couple swirly background layers on this painting a few months ago, leaving it on the back burner until it called to me. […]