Dad Lessons in perfect working order!


I’ve been giving my dad painting lessons since 2006. And by ‘lessons’ I mean I guide him through each artistic whim he has and help him achieve whatever goal he brings to the table. The times I try to dictate a certain project, exercise or step by step technique just don’t really work for his creative rhythm or style. He’s a methodical, conservative man but in his artistic world is a total anarchist! He gets an idea and goes for it and I have had to reign in my training to keep up sometimes. Since I have moved to Washington we have been doing our lessons over Skype. We had an issue with data usage and had to do them over FaceTime for a while. We finally got everything in great working order and have started on this method of me guiding him through a painting like we used to do in our in-person lessons.  Now he can watch my painting demo at the same time I am watching him paint. I am so relieved to have this work so well now. It’s one of my heart’s greatest joys to do this with him and to have this working so well is a breath of fresh air. Here is a snap shot of yesterday’s lessons, the first time we have had this is great working order. He has been on a ‘curvism’, or curvismo, kick recently (see paintings by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez) and we are experimenting with finding a sort of formula to create paintings in the curvism style. Super fun!