Meditative Painting at CSL was a delight!

I had such a fabulous time teaching Meditative Painting on March 25th, 2018. What a lovely community they have there, it was an honor to teach in their beautiful sanctuary. My personal bliss in the class was watching participants paint in the air with their eyes closed during our meditation, it was like watching a silent symphony. <3 (haha, not watching in a creepy way… I just have to open my eyes once in a while during meditations to make sure everyone is on track) It was beautiful. 

We worked with aligning our breath with moving the brush and using fluid movement to inform our brush strokes. The art that participants created was aligned with their breath and movement in a way that was pleasing to them in the process of painting. We took it way easy and painted. 🙂

The art and the Center for Spiritual Living’s beautiful space: