New Listing! Chakra Rainbow 8 Greeting Card Set of Original Oil Paintings by Shelley Irish

© Sati CR Greeting Card Set

9 Greeting Card Set of Chakra Rainbow

Reproductions of original oil painting series by Shelley Irish 

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Included in each set are one cards of each of the Chakra Rainbow Paintings. (from L to R) 
The Protected (root chakra), 
The Lovers (sacral chakra), 
The Markswoman (solar plexus chakra), 
The Leaver (heart chakra), 
The Artists (throat chakra), 
The Seer (brow chakra), 
The Devotee (crown chakra), 
The Source (all the chakras working together). 

Each card comes with a standard greeting card envelope and is blank on the inside.

On their way to you they are contained in waterproof packaging and shipped in a reinforced padded envelope. 

About the Paintings:

The chakra rainbow oil painting series is a journey of energetic and visual evaluation of the chakra system. It is based heavily on chakra archetypes and elemental symbolism. I have always felt energy from my hands and am fascinated with the chakras. Since I have learned to work with my own chakras for healing and keep studying their all encompassing energy, everything makes sense. 

I created staging for each painting using props and objects that symbolize actions and energies of the chakras. I then studied myself in each of the environments and enacted gestures and expressions of archetypal figures and my own natural feeling with each one. I photographed myself in moments of mediation, of breathing and simply being in each environment. 

I then created the paintings in a renaissance style master’s technique that I learned in paris to keep them very thin, luminescent and filled with color. The circle around each scene is meant to symbolize the wheel of each chakra, the bubble, the spiritual container inside physical matter. This is a personal series made with the intension of unity, to symbolize concepts in which we can all relate and heal. 

~ Shelley