New Painting in Progress – Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

The final drawing for this painting ‘Crossing the Rainbow Bridge’ is done. I spent last week doing drawing after drawing to exact this concept. This painting is what I am going to work on for my entry into We’Moon’s contest for their 2016 datebook ‘quantum leap year’. I had planned to finish the comedy/tragedy painting I started in 2009 for it, but after sitting with this I feel the comedy/tragedy painting needs more time, it’s not something I want to rush, it is so big and deep and personal.

For the We’Moon contest I want to create something more universally applicable to the concept and more archetypal than personal. So I present to you the inklings of ‘Crossing the Rainbow Bridge’. A crystal goddess has leapt up from underground, uprooting the old tower and causing the earth to crack. The tower is contained and taken away by angels. A new tower of unity is projected from the goddesses hand into the earth. The sun refracts into her crystal body parts, from those refractions a rainbow bridge is erected to let people safely cross over the earth cracking in the wake of the goddess rising. The new tower is one symbolized by the flag of the healing hand in which the people congregate around.