Personal Power Painting – Heart Chakra symbol drawing 

At the heart of Personal Power Painting is the use of symbols to enhance our self care and empowerment. I am strengthening my heart’s resilience and did this drawing to speak to the concept of the heart energy being ‘unstruck’. I feel the main concept of all of the lessons of the heart is unconditional love.

I drew the symbol for the heart chakra (chakra is Sanskrit for energy wheel) and thought it would be interesting to break down this symbol in relation to the Personal Power Painting symbology structure.

Overall, there are three main shapes and symbols in this symbol. The circle, the hexagram and the petal, or shield. The pic you see of the symbol info sheets above are the ones used for reference during the Personal Power Painting workshops.

The circle represents wholeness and spiritual energy. The hexagram represents temperance and balanced aspirations in the material and spiritual worlds. The petal or shield represents endurance and the collective. There are other layers of meaning for all of these symbols, but these are the main concepts.

So, if we put this all together, the overall meaning of the symbol is wholeness, balance and endurance.

I also learned that each of the 12 petals represent the 12 qualities of the heart: joy, peace, kindness, patience, love, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness, and bliss.

I am unclear about the specific meaning of the Sanskrit character in the center. From my research, my best guess is that it is the Danskrit letter  for ‘ya’, which is a semivowel. The mantra for the heart chakra is ‘yam’ which is a sound that helps to activate and heal our element of air and our heart energy center. So the ‘ya’ letter would make sense.

I drew this laying in bed one night last week, and have looked at it everyday since. Our world is so harsh sometimes, and doing drawings like this bring me a lot of calm. In the spirit of Personal Power Painting, the drawing was intended for me to experience caring for my creative self, using a power symbol (and learninh about it), and empowering myself through the experience.

With love and light,