Spirit Arts

Oracle Card Readings:

Monthly World-Energy Oracle Card Readings and Guidance

For my monthly world-energy readings I ask spirit what the world needs to know in regards to our internal and communal energy for the month.

I create a guided meditation to connect you with the seasonal energies of the month.

I post these videos every month on my Youtube channel:







and 7th Star Spirit Art’s FB page:  





Personalized Tarot / Oracle Readings

I offer personal readings to private clients both in person and online

What’s on your mind? I offer oracle card readings to give you specific impressions, feedback and guidance about anything in your life. I work with fairy, angel, classic tarot, goddess, and many more love based oracle card decks to give you clarity from a variety of sources. I specialize in working with you to apply the messages from your reading to your life in a straightforward and realistic way.

I am a clairsentient artist with a variety of creative and energetic training. I became a Certified Fairyologist in 2016 and completed a year-and-a-day program from an earth-based spirituality program in Denver, CO in 2006. I am trained in energetic healing of the light body, Reiki, visualization, shamanic journeying and am exploring Theta Healing. I also offer spirit portraiture, customized guided meditations and spiritual channeling. I am a visionary oil painter by trade and feel the source of my artistic practice and my psychic senses are one in the same.

Readings at Rainbow Natural Remedies (returning in August I hope)

(I am recovering from whiplash from a car accident and have lifting and sitting restrictions, so I must take a small break from doing readings at Rainbow. I do offer live readings online and by phone. Please see the video above (Personalized Tarot / Oracle readings with Shelley Irish) for info on how to get started, or shop now here.

Oracle card readings at Rainbow Natural Remedies in Seattle, WA happen in a laid back environment with wonderful energy. We sit by a beautiful fountain for the readings in the section of the store where they display their crystals and candles.

For readings online or over the phone, there are a few different options. 

If you would like a reading but the time or location doesn’t work for you, no worries! I also do readings over email, and by voice and video calling. Purchase your reading here, then, send me an email at gallerysati@gmail.com and let me know a few dates and times that work for your schedule. Once I receive your order I will send you an email with 3 possible dates for scheduling if I don’t hear from you first. We schedule asap. I post my weekly openings for phone, email and Skype readings on my 7th Star Spirit Arts facebook page every week as well.  

Readings are also customized to each person based on preferred time, cost and query.


Popular Readings: 

Quick Message

Clarity, something to ponder.

(1 card – 5 mins – $5)


Now and what’s next.

(2 cards – 10 mins – $10)

Past Present, Future

Of you or specific issue.

(3 cards – 15 mins – $20)

Mini Relationship Bridge

1 card for you, 1 for the other person / connection, 1 for the relationship

(3 cards – 15 mins – $20)

Add On: 1 Butterfly card

Pros and Cons

Underlying benefits and challenges of a decision.

(4 cards – 25 mins – $30)

Big Deal

Forecast of what would happen if yes, what would happen if no.

(4 cards – 25 mins – $30)

Monthly Forecast

Main theme and an outlook of each week.

(5 cards – 30 mins – $35)

Elemental Star

A card for each element – earth (physical health), air (mental health), fire (creative health), water (emotional health), spirit (energetic health).

(5 cards – 30 mins – $35)


Past, present, future. 1 goddess, 1 mermaid card and 1 vibe card.

(6 cards – 35 mins – $40)


A card for each chakra energy center – root (physical health), sacral (emotional health), solar plexus (creative health), heart (mental health), throat (vibrational health), brow (optical health), crown (energetic health).

(7 cards – 40 mins – $45)

Relationship Bridge

3 cards for the past, present, future of you, 3 cards for the past, present, future of the other person / connection, 3 cards for the past, present, future of the relationship.

(9 cards – 50 mins – $55)

Add On: 1 Butterfly card

Celtic Cross

An in-depth overview of you and your current path. Shows your main theme, main challenge, past, present, future. Spiritual, underlying and societal messages, 6 month projection.

(10 cards – 60 mins – $65)


Customized Guided Meditations:

I offer customized guided meditations for a variety of purposes, from spiritual and psychological healing to the reprieve of Imagination Vacations.

If you would like for me to customize a meditation for you, please email me at gallerysati@gmail.com, so that we may discuss your goal, budget and timing. Guided meditations are sold as audio files for unlimited use.

Guided meditations are priced based on complexity and length.


Spirit Portraits:

A live portrait of the face and surrounding energies and symbols.

Spirit Portraits require you to model for me for about an hour either in person or over Skype. You don’t have to stay completely still or be a professional model. I work in watercolor and colored pencil for Spirit Portraits on 8″ x 11″ watercolor paper. I frame the painting and include an explanation of the energetic energies and symbols I see in your aura. Spirit portraits are $100.


My mission:

Through 7th Star Spirit Arts, I offer a mix of things, and not limited to: personal readings in person and online, weekly world oracle card readings, astrology, guided imagery / visualization / shamanic journeying techniques, spiritual philosophy and reverence, and recommended meditations.

My biggest hope in sharing the journey of my psychic senses is ultimately for you to engage in developing yours. I wish for the spirit arts to be accessible to you. Ever more so, we need healing arts and energetic healing techniques to counterbalance the sterility of modern age. Life is harsh enough. Let’s fly into the sky on a rainbow unicorn together and watch the word turn!    

I offered my psychic and energetic healing work basically to close friends for many years of my life.  In 2006, I graduated from the year-and-a-day program of the College of Wicca and Old Lore where I delved into learning tarot wisdom with the High Priestess of our program, Paula Sperry, and in 2016 I became a Certified Fairyologist through Doreen Virtue’s program. This training helped me harness my intuition and psychic senses into an intimate understanding of the paths and pathos of our human lives, and trained me in how to offer these services to others. In 2016, I started doing oracle card readings for the public.