Summer Art Fair Time! See you this weekend?

Happy Summer!

I have been a busy bee getting ready to share my art at the Conscious Wellness Expo and the Alki Art Fair, both happening this weekend.

Here is a new painting and some art gifts that will make their in-person debut at the fairs this weekend:

A new self portrait, called ‘36’. This is a painting about the powerful shift for women in their mid 30’s. To me, this means letting go of my Maiden, or child self, and turning into my Matron, or mother/adult self. The bubbles describe symbolically different pain in my life that I have turned into strength. I had some emotional struggles as a Maiden. Now that I have learned how to care for and heal myself as an adult inside loss and other pain, my wish for the Matron stage in my life is to have peace. The struggles will always be there, and peace is too.


Here are some new art gifts as well:

Buttons, mugs and greeting cards!






Saturday, I’ll be at the Conscious Wellness Expo in Kent, WA. I’ll be alongside other artists, makers, readers and healers of all kinds. The fair runs from 10am – 4pm and is held at Kent Commons: 525 Fourth Ave N Kent, WA 98042

Sunday, I’ll be at the 20th annual Alki Art Fair in West Seattle, WA. This year they have 90+ artists, plus music and food vendors. It runs from 10am – 6pm and is on Alki beach, at 2701 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116.

We had a weird beginning of the year here in Seattle. Spring was late and fast, and now we are getting into the full sun of summer. I am stoked to get out and share the new artwork. I hope the best for you and all your endeavors. Thank you for letting me share my art with you!

Best of blessings for a lovely summer!


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