The shadows of the lady cave

 In Master’s Technique, the beginning of all painting starts with exacting the shadows. In my Master’s class this weekend, we delved into this process on the day of the Women’s marches all across the country. I asked my students to stretch and scribble to get the kinks out. We talked about delving into the dark mother of shadow, the womb, the cave of the soul. In this technique, the shadows are painted using a combo of terra rosa (earth red) and black. This is the color of deep earth, of dried blood, the color of the woman.

This is where we start.

I am relaying this here for everyone who is feeling the intense energy of our country right now. I send wishes of replenishment and comfort to all you lady identifying warriors expressing yourselves creatively, raising your voices, comforting and encouraging others, and those tightening boot straps to continue to unfuck this world! May you be held in the safe darkness of the earth mother. May you feel that connection every time you see a brown, red, burgundy or black.

May these colors anchor you home to the source mother. May they give you ease and breath in times of anxiety. May they remind you that the powers that be can do many things, and there are also many things they can’t do. They can’t take our blood, they can’t take the power to create. They can’t take our love, kindness or the wisdom of generations of healing and perseverance. They can’t take our history and they can’t take how we respond to the future. They can’t take our power or our healing touch. Red is ours.

These things are dancing in our hearts, in our big brains, and through how we color our world. Love on! As you shine your light, please remember that deep red is always ready and waiting to provide solace.