Thinking Too Much and Personal Anchor Imagery Practice


This week I am thinking about… thinking too much! I’m thinking about 9/11 and I’m thinking about Syria. I am thinking about Lady Olivia Robertson’s September 2013 Oracle about the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I’m thinking about the Dalai Lama’s advice to practice Critical Thinking and Action as the most important meditation of our time. I’m thinking about the housing market and I’m thinking about health care. I’m thinking about Botswana Metal Heads. I’m thinking about small business owners, I’m thinking about fair wages for woman and… I’m thinking about thinking too much.

So, how do we find the calm in the storm? What does it take to get back to our peaceful energetic centers? What happens when we are overwhelmed? What happens when we have too much responsibility and can’t get to that hour of yoga, that restorative bath, that night out with friends?

Tomorrow I will post a simple art exercise for anchoring the mind and centering the body. Is there a symbol, letter, number or drawing that you draw without thinking about it? I call this Personal Anchor Imagery Practice and believe it is a powerful tool that incorporates art and as little as a few seconds of time. Stay tuned for the whole shebang mañana…