This month’s offerings ~


~ Happy March ~

Here are the monthly offerings I have to share with you. I hope you enjoy and benefit from them. <3

March creative self-care dare ~ 

        ??? March 2018 ???
  ?? Creative Self-Care Dare ??
   ? How does your inner child ?
??? feel about the world? ???

Draw about it ?, write about it ✏️, think about it .
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March studio preview ~

Adapting to water… she will ? dolphinately have a mohawk and webbed ears.  (rough first stage of laying in the forms)










March guided meditation ~


March oracle offering ~


March’s discount offering ~

All oracle card readings are 11% off this month, 3/1 – 3/31. I am so happy to offer oracle / tarot readings in person in Seattle, WA and over Skype, email or phone!

Use coupon code MARCH2018 and shop directly on my website, here


Gallery Offering ~











I’m so proud to have 2 of my paintings part of the Women by Women art exhibition happening at the Blue Door Art Gallery in Yonkers, NY right now!

March shop-in-person offering ~ 
















I will be vending art and prints at the Emerald Spiral fair on March 24th! 


March art workshop offering ~ 
















I am teaching Meditative Painting at the Center for Spiritual Living on March 25th!


I hope your month is lovely and beautiful. 

Thank you for spending a moment with me.