Trade me a moment for a button?

Trade me a moment for a button? I need some help getting the word out about the new painting classes I’m running here at the house. I would love to give you a button for a moment of your time. I’ll send you a button if you tell one person, anywhere, about my May Flowers Painting Workshop coming up this Sunday, May 20th. More details about the workshop are listed below. 

If you’d like to participate in the trade, please decide which button you’d like, then send me a message here on fb or email me at with the following info: 

1. The coordinate code of the button you’d like, for instance, C3. 

2. Your US shipping address (international shipping is super expensive even for little buttons, wish I could extend the offer internationally)  

Then tell one person about the May Flowers Painting Workshop (even just a ‘hey this is interesting’). This can be anyone, anywhere, not just people in Seattle. You don’t have to prove it to me, I’m going by the honor system. The trade offer closes at 6 pm on Saturday, May 19th, so tell someone about it, and get me your button coordinate code and address before this date and time. 

Workshop info to check out and pass along to those who are interested: 

workshop info and purchasing:

fb event:


May Flowers Painting Workshop

Sunday, May 20th, 2018 from 1 – 4 pm

An outdoor acrylic painting workshop exploring flowers through painting and play. What’s your vibe? This workshop emphasizes the essence of flowers and how they set a mood, environment and energy all of their own. Go flower power to the max and paint the essence of what the flowers of the season evoke in you. 

The workshop starts with a simple visualization and moves at a no-pressure pace. You choose whether to paint bouquets of live flowers or paint flowers from your imagination. Instructor, Shelley Irish, guides you through the painting process using demos, straightforward painting techniques, and self-care exercises for beginning and seasoned artists, giving you a unique learning experience. No painting experience is necessary. This 3-hour workshop for 18 yrs + includes all materials, and the fee is $60. 

Held at Shelley’s private residence in West Seattle, the address is given upon registration. Shelley teaches painting workshops online and at different locations around Seattle. She is thrilled to offer some chill, outdoor classes at her home during the warm season. To check out her teaching history and art, please visit

Why this trade? 

I continue to revel in all the ways people who benefit and enjoy my offerings connect with me. I find in this biz people need to hear about something a few times for it to be somewhat trusted as a real thing, and the more direct and personal the communication, the better. I am wishing to connect with everyone possible who are interested in art workshops regardless of their physical proximity to me. I am balancing my focus between retreat style workshops here at the house, workshops I do at other teaching venues and online classes. You never know how one little seed of info can make a big difference in how people gravitate towards things that they might benefit from and enjoy. My goal is to provide value to people’s lives by facilitating holistic artistic workshops for artistic skill building and creative wellness. The more people who know about my workshops over time, the better my chances are to network on a large, word of mouth scale. I am proudly a one woman operation but do need help sometimes. The interwebs and my networks are fantastic, and I’d like to add broad word of mouth into the equation now. I am so happy to send out buttons as a thank you for your help.