Upcoming Class: Mythical Creatures

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Learn how to paint mythical creatures from the inside out. In this no-pressure acrylic painting workshop, we start with bones and muscles to piece together anatomy from 2 or more creatures. We design our creature’s action and posturing, and natural habitat. Let your imagination run wild!

Shelley Irish teaches straightforward painting techniques complemented by creative self-care exercises to give you a unique learning experience.

To learn more about the workshop and Shelley, please visit www.gallerysati.com


*The image for the graphic came from an original painting my dad, J Patrick Irish.*


8 Monday evenings: Jan 8th – Feb 26th from 5pm – 6:30pm

Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials

4150 1st Ave S

Seattle, WA 98134



Acrylic paint: black, white, terra rosa (earth red) and your 3 favorite colors

Acrylic painting brushes: 2 large (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 medium (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 small (one square tipped and one rounded),

Palette knife

Canvas: your choice, but no smaller than 16” x 20”. if you like symmetry, a square canvas will give you the best results for this class.

Palette of your choosing, wooden, paper, glass

2 cups for water

Paper towels


Class fee is $200 for 12 hours of instruction.

Register by calling Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials at 206-223-9599.