Angel Oil Painting

August 10th – Oct 19th

Thursdays, 12noon – 3:00pm

Angel Painting – 11 weeks – 33 hours


@ Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials in Seattle, WA, USA (SODO)

4150 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Register by calling Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials 206-223-9599

Do angels swirl around you? Let’s paint them! We focus on figure, portrait, wings and fabric. In this 11 week class we take influence from Rubens paintings and create angels that are so luminous they looks like they were fed on a diet of roses. I will show you my watermelon formula for flesh and parfait code for wings. This class is designed for those with some painting experience. I teach straightforward painting techniques complemented by creative self-care exercises to give you a unique learning experience.


Oil paint: black, white, terra rosa and yellow ochre. Other colors are incorporated once you have decided on what you will paint. 

Oil painting brushes: 2 large (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 medium (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 small (one square tipped and one rounded),

Palette knife

Canvas: your choice, but no smaller than 16” x 20”. 


Walnut Alkyd or Liquin original (no substitutes) 

Painters rags, shop towels, or clean, no pill fabric