Paint the Love In!

When we Paint the Love In! we use active acrylic painting techniques and create art with intentional, personal meaning. What do you love, what are you grateful for, what is your language of love? What symbolizes the love in your life, what color is it, how does it move and feel? Learn how to paint it out on canvas and into your heart. Shelley Irish teaches straightforward painting techniques complemented by creative self-care exercises to give you a unique learning experience. $50 for 3 hours of instruction.



Acrylic paint: black, white, and your 3 favorite colors

Acrylic painting brushes: 2 large (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 medium (one square tipped and one rounded), 2 small (one square tipped and one rounded),

Palette knife

Canvas: your choice, but no smaller than 16” x 20”. If you like symmetry, a square canvas will give you the best results for this class.

Palette of your choosing

2 cups for water

Paper towels

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