5-minute Visualization Exercise to Ease Worry

Happy Full Moon from gallerySATI!

Many of us are going through harsh life circumstances right now. Here is a simple visualization exercise I developed to help align thought and imagery patterns towards neutrality and getting though rough patches. Nothing needed for this but five minutes of your time.

This is a great exercise to use when you feel stressed out, emotionally exhausted, sad, drained, worried or overstimulated.

Practice this exercise in the mornings and evenings during stressful times to take the ‘sting’ out of harsh life circumstances.

Take one minute to:

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Wiggle your body a little bit to ease yourself into your sitting position. Start your wiggles in your hips and shoulders and let them end at your fingers and toes. Take 3-5 deep slow breaths.

Take three minutes to:

With your eyes closed, lift your eyebrows up using your upper nose muscles, the muscles around your central brow area and your lower central forehead muscles. These are the same muscles you use naturally during a moment of surprise or shock. Start slowly and deliberately, continue this movement up and down, up and down.

You will notice that you see light coming in through your closed eyelids that is usually a gray, brown, red, orange or yellow light. Focus gently on the shadows and light patterns you see on the inside of your eyelids. For a moment the shapes you may see may be residual shadow and light patterns from your visual environment at the moment. As you repeat the movement, look forward at the center of your eyelids and these patterns will dissipate after a few seconds.

Pay attention to any tension or stiffness in the muscles you are using. Breath into your muscles, breath into this area and let your breath bring fluidity and ease to the movement. Don’t go too fast. Acknowledge and simply just let go of any thoughts or images that form during this process. Give yourself a minute to repeat the movement.

As you move your muscles up and down the light coming in through your eyelids will start to form a shape that looks like wings in front of each eye. As you keep going you will see a couple light lines start to form on the top center between your wing shapes. See the general form of a butterfly on the back of your eyelids. See this butterfly as what it is, a pattern you created through taking in light behind closed eyes and completing an action.

Spend the last minute:

Focusing all of your energy into the viewing of this butterfly. As you lift your muscles up the butterfly gets lighter. As you relax the muscles the butterfly gets darker and almost disappears. At this point start speaking (this can be silently to yourself if you wish). When you lift your eyes up and see the light butterfly say “Let it be Light”, and when you relax your muscles and see the dark butterfly say “Let it be Night”. This statement helps align your energy and thoughts with acceptance and recognition of the cyclical nature of everything in our world. Repeat the movement and the statement in tune with each other intently for one minute. See the butterfly and take in the renewing imagery and energy you have created for yourself.

When you are done, open your eyes and place your fingers on your brow area. Feel the energetic and physical differences. Give gratitude to yourself, your brow, your eyes, your mind and your heart, your body and the gift of your life. And anyone/energy/thing else you feel applies. Take a couple deep breaths, go back to what you were doing.


Thank you for checking out this exercise and I hope it is helpful for you!

Best blessings to you and yours,