“All Sane Love” Marriage Equality Quote Graphic – Please share!


In support of marriage equality, here is a graphic to download and share freely!

Just right click the image and select ‘Save Image As’. The image that will download is a jpeg file that fits nicely on a webpage or as a facebook cover photo. 

I created this graphic after reading a facebook post by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She was expressing how she wished to find a logo she could share regarding her thoughts about marriage equality. She hadn’t found one yet and wrote what she would like it to say. It was late and I was just getting done with some Photoshop work. I put this together and sent it over to her. She liked it and shared it on her page, what an honor!

To you viewing this image, thank you for your eyes! Thank you, Dr. Clarissa, for your beautiful words in so many forms!

Thank you for supporting human rights!

Best Blessings, 


*This is quoted from Dr. Clarissa’s facebook post about it:

Dear Brave Souls: Dear Brave Souls: We receive a ton of mail every day and I’m so sorry we cannot answer every one. I try really hard to keep up and unfortunately run far far behind. And/but this came before us yesterday, and we’d like to share it with you. And you are welcome to share freely.

The quote in the picture is from a post here [two posts down from this one re GLBT not as a ‘witch hunt, but as a treasure hunt.’] as I wrote about wishing to find a logo that could carry words about the matter of equality and protections for GLBT persons. I’d mentioned I didnt find such… but wait, yes I did: it was written in my heart… and in the hearts of many many others as well.

So, the image was made of my words by Shelley Irish and humbly offered to us only, with no strings attached which we truly appreciate. We dont normally authorize such, but Shelley Irish clearly knows way more about photoshop than I do [I stare at photoshop/ it stares back at me…lol I poke it with a stick, it does something amazing, but not what I had planned, lol, photoshop is, I think, somewhat an analogy for life sometimes… lol]…

Here’s what SI wrote, and I thank her for offering me my own words laid out so nicely so others might share too: The name of this particular writing appears to have evolved into the title :

Good enough.

*Dear Dr. Clarrisa, I read your post tonight about the logo you would like to find. I had photoshop open and thought, I could do that, and this is what happened. If you would like to use it, I would be honored, if not, I won’t be offended!
…Many blessings to you,
Shelley Irish